Thursday, November 24, 2022

Surrey RCMP officer charged with Sexual assault

City News is reporitng that "A Surrey RCMP officer already facing charges in relation to a misconduct investigation will respond to five additional charges, including for sexual assault. The BC Prosecution Service announced the five new charges Wednesday against Cpl. Peter Leckie over allegations of misconduct." This brings us back to IHITit and the Friends of Craig Callen.


  1. this guy is a poster boy for how the Surrey RCMP operate. Does anybody know if Const. Elizabeth Cucheran. Is still a cop?

  2. Nothing new for the RCMP, as Janet Merlo could tell you. When she read the inquiry report, she said, "I was not surprised about the number of sexual assaults, but I was surprised at the number of (actual) rapes, there were so many". And that was of fellow "members", not even talking about members of the public. Wow.
    How anyone questions that we need Surrey RCMP replaced is a mystery.


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