Monday, November 14, 2022

Arizona ballot drop

AZ Central is reporitng that "A record number of ballots dropped off at Maricopa County vote centers Tuesday will delay final results in the midterm election." Just like we said.

The Hodge Twins discovered an interesting anomaly in Arizona. AZ Central is reporting that "Arizona treasurer's race: Republican Kimberly Yee wins reelection over Democrat Martín Quezada." Arizona's Republican treasurer received 1.3 million votes but the Republican governor received 1.18 million votes. That's rather odd. Why would 1.3 million people vote for a republican treasurer but not a republican governor? Especially when Kari Lake is so popular. That's odd.


  1. The world has been traumatized by technocratic terrorists.

    Most don't even realize the damage done to themselves.

    We are becoming demoralized by the day and in masses.

    Votes arriving in the middle of the night and elections taking a week to count now seem reasonable to us.

    The USA was forged by physical altercations not keyboard strokes.

    What comes next?

    1. "What comes next?"

      More of the same; chaos, poverty, division, animosity, decimation of the middle class and all of its values, depopulation, and full-spectrum surveillance. How's that for starters?

    2. What comes next?

      This was not a reference to their evil plans of digital passports, forced inoculations and social credit scores based on your carbon footprint and social compliance.

      But, rather when has society had enough and chaos ensues?
      Sooner or later there has to be a breaking point, or will people just burn with the house?

      Two things have become self evident in the last short while, neither voting nor internet comment boards are going to solve this intentional dismantling of western society.

      The Chinese like to call it "social harmony " I prefer to call it COMMUNISM.

    3. I'm hopeful that electronic voting fraud can be addressed through judicial recounts of actual physical ballots. Coups are never the answer.

  2. That's why it takes days after the election to count the votes, they keep making new ones to count until they have enough to get the result they want. "Treason".


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