Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Ottawa is seeking to ban all legal firearms ownership

True North is reporting that "After the Liberals moved to ban hundreds more new models of rifles and shotguns through a last-minute amendment to Bill C-21, Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro says the federal government is seeking to ban legal firearm ownership altogether." That is World Economic Forum crazy. Pride cometh before the fall and great shall be the fall thereof.
The Manitoba government is reporting that "Manitoba has consistently stated that many aspects of the federal approach to gun crimes unnecessarily target lawful gun owners while having little impact on criminals, who are unlikely to follow gun regulations in any event. In Manitoba’s view, any buy-back program cannot further erode our scarce provincial police resources, already suffering from large vacancy rates, and away from focusing on investigation of violent crimes,” said Manitoba Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen."

"Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick called on the federal government to halt plans to use scarce RCMP and municipal police resources to confiscate over 100,000 legally acquired firearms from Canadians. The Prairie provinces had already written to their RCMP divisions indicating that provincial funding should not be used for that purpose."

The National Post is reporting that "Saskatchewan and Manitoba have followed Alberta’s lead and informed the federal government they won’t use local resources to enforce a federal initiative they don’t support. Christine Tell, Saskatchewan’s Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety, wrote a letter to the highest-ranking RCMP officer in the province telling them not to use provincial resources for the program. 'The Government of Saskatchewan does not support and will not authorize the use of provincially funded resources for any process that is connected to the federal government’s proposed ‘buyback’ of these firearms,' she said in the letter." is reporitng that "The passage of a motion by opposition parties in the Yukon brings to five the number of provinces and territories standing against the Trudeau government's planned mandatory gun buy back program." After all these provinces said no Justin Trudeau added a ship load of more long guns to the list. People in rural areas need long guns.

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  1. The liberals know this amendment will do nothing to reduce crime, so why are they doing it? An attempt to get votes from those ignorant to the issue? To serve as a distraction from the Emergency Measures Act inquiry? Or do they want to disarm the public because they plan on doing something to them in the future? I really don't know. Troubling times indeed.

  2. The malicious/criminal cover-up is unravelling .....

  3. And there is only one reason for this. Anyone who needs to ask what that is has not been paying attention and is terminally dense. They don't want us to be equipped to resist what else they have in mind for us. It's sure not for public safety, although of course this is the lie that they tell. Dark times are coming.

    In 1936 Himmler was given control of all police forces in Germany. A short 6 years later, guys who had been beat cops in Hamburg or Berlin found themselves in the Ukraine herding Jews into ditches. "A word to the wise" as we used to say....we already have a National Police Force. As then, some will, some won't. It won't matter though, because the ones that will, will be enough. Scary as that thought is, denial is a river in Egypt.

  4. "and great shall be the fall thereof"

    True, but just like the examples you cite, the people take that multi-millions fall before the instigators do. Three of those four lived out their lives.


    1. If he cared about gun violence he wouldn't reduce the sentences for gun crime.

  6. One only has to wonder what has their government done to its citizens & what are they planning to do that the government is so scared of its citizens owning firearms ! One need look no further then agenda21 & agenda2030

  7. All I can say is just like the USA, come and get my guns. I'm a law abiding citizen that is being punished for wanting freedom!


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