Tuesday, November 15, 2022

DEA's most corrupted agents

The Borderland Beat is reporting that "José Irizarry accepts that he’s known as the most corrupt agent in U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration history, admitting he 'became another man' in conspiring with Colombian cartels to build a lavish lifestyle of expensive sportscars, Tiffany jewels and paramours around the world."

"But as he used his final hours of freedom to tell his story to The Associated Press, Irizarry says he won’t go down for this alone, accusing some long-trusted DEA colleagues of joining him in skimming millions of dollars from drug money laundering stings to fund a decade’s worth of luxury overseas travel, fine dining, top seats at sporting events and frat house-style debauchery."

CIA Stiffs Prostitute in Columbia. DEA, CIA, ATF - Michael Dowd - same sh*t same pile.


  1. Replies
    1. With the former agent who admitted the DEA began skimming the drug money after the CIA pulled the plug on the Blandon bust.


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