Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Convoy lawyer kicked out of Emergency Act Inquiry

I just want to point out the obvious. The Emergency Act Inquiry is a complete farce. We all knew that going into this so today's events should come as no surprise. The police had every right to tow vehicles illegally parked but they had absolutely no right to beat civilian protesters. The police who did that are oath breakers. They broke their oath to uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights.

The Toronto Star is reporitng that "One of the lawyers representing the core Freedom Convoy organizers at the Public Order Emergency Commission was asked to leave the hearing room on Tuesday after a tense exchange with the commissioner overseeing the proceedings. Commissioner Paul Rouleau instructed security to remove Freedom Corp. lawyer Brendan Miller, after arguing over federal government redactions to documents, and an attempt to have a ministerial staffer added to the witness list."

"First raising this request when the commission took a break during Mendicino's testimony, the commissioner told him that if he wanted to have a last-minute witness added to the roster, he needed to make his submission in writing." Except he already had. Twice. When the lawyer pointed that out to the judge the judge had him removed. This is a complete farce.

What's the real issue here? Whether or not the Emergency Act was ever remotely justified, the government had absolutely no right to freeze every bank account of hard working civilians who donated to the truckers on route to Ottawa. That was a criminal act. Do you think this fake inquiry will ever address that? Not a chance. That makes the whole thing a complete farce.
It comes as no surprise that the Kangaroo court judge violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and denied the convoy the right to legal representation since the whole thing was a violation of the Charter of Rights but we had hoped for something better. Judges need to be publicly accountable. In the US Judges are elected. In Canada judges have no public accountability.

Premiers opposed Justin Trudeau's use of the emergency act

Protest outside Jagmeet Singh's constituency office

Corporal Bulford spoke on the Emergency Act Cross examination of OPP intelligence officer during Emergencies Act hearings

The chief superintendent in charge of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) response to the Freedom Convoy said “The profile of the protester for this event was none like I’ve ever seen in my 36-year career. We had everything from grandparents – you know, my first day in this assignment I was shown a picture of two officers that had worked for me in the past, who retired, who were in the crowd – we saw children, we saw a lot of crestfallen police officers in the crowd, nurses . It wasn’t your normal group of people that you’re dealing with.”


  1. Hope only goes so far.

    The difference between those who are running this corrupt show and those of us exposing/fighting it?

    They don't hope, they just do.
    We need to really understand that a little better.

    1. Until we actually RESIST, this will continue. Not doing so tells them they can continue with their plans.

  2. It seems like every "inquiry" they ever do is only to say they have done an inquiry, not to actually have a real one, and certainly not to effect any changes or hold anyone in authority accountable for their misdeeds. "We have investigated ourselves, and we find that we did nothing wrong". ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC.

  3. CBC news reported that all 200 bank accounts frozen belonged to organizers of the rally

    1. But we all know that is a lie. Ordinary people, including working single mothers had their bank accounts frozen for simply donating to the cause.

    2. Stop listening to CBC, you make yourself sound stupid.

  4. Resisting our government’s plans is certainly something the Trudeau does not want and he had to react with extremes. If they didn’t then the next move (abolishing all firearms) might very well be resisted aggressively by the general public. We need to announce a firmly that we will not stand for government policies which negatively effect us and are not supported by the majority. Stop allowing our elected (possibly falsely elected) government ram ridiculous laws down our throats. When do these insane acts begin to be intolerable?

  5. My bank accounts were frozen when I donated 100$ to the lawyer fund for the trucker convoy. 18 years and 6 accounts at TD bank all gone and no explanation from them ever! So what ever cbc news tells you it's BS!!


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