Sunday, November 13, 2022

Kash Heeds slams Brenda Locke

Update: Court certifies another class action against the RCMP

Perhaps the Surrey Police Force should simply join the BC Provincial Police Force.

The Indo Canadain Voice is reporting that "Mayor Brenda Locke is now getting increasingly desperate as she realizes that her plan to get rid of the Surrey Police Service (that was established after Doug McCallum won the 2018 municipal election on that mandate with 40 per cent of the total votes cast — as compared to the 28 per cent of the total votes cast for her in 2022 on her pledge to keep the RCMP in Surrey) is going NOWHERE!"

"On Friday, this na├»ve politician who is under the RCMP’s thumb exposed her pettiness and immaturity even further when she attacked former solicitor general Kash Heed (who is now a Councillor in Richmond) for exposing the futility of her RCMP mission on CKNW’s Mike Smyth show. After Heed’s comments on CKNW (see below for details), Locke sent the following message to Heed: 'Hey Kash, How about stay in your lane. If you are such a believer work for it in Richmond.' Boy, she messed with the wrong guy! Heed fired back:"

“Brenda, are you sure you want to send this as is to me? Police policy/opinion/expertise have been part of my background for over 40 years. Trying to suppress me has never worked for anyone and it certainly won’t work for you. Would you like to debate this with me publicly? Thanks Kash.” Locke thought she could bully Heed just as she and her RCMP supporters harassed then-mayor Doug McCallum and his supporters in Council day and night like rabid dogs."

"ON the Mike Smyth show, Heed pointed out the absurdity of trying to get rid of the Surrey Police Service (SPS), pointing out the mere 28 per cent mandate that Locke won (with just over 30 per cent of Surrey’s total electorate voting) and saying that hopefully the NDP government would be wise not to go back to the RCMP."

"As it is, he noted, the Province is looking at a regional policing model. He also noted that reversing the police transition would be very expensive and would tie down the City of Surrey in lawsuits for the next four years, resulting in CONFUSION and DIVISION. SPS officers do NOT want to join the RCMP (275 of 293 SPS frontline officers signed a pledge this week that they will not join the RCMP). Many SPS officers had retired from other police forces to join the SPS and so many officers had relocated to Surrey."

Brenda Locke is a clown. This cyber bullying confirms it. She did not have the support of the Indo Canadian community in Surrey or the Wake up Surrey coalition. I do not believe she received more votes than Jinny Sims or Doug McCallum. I believe the RCMP hacked the election just like Brazil did. They flipped the vote just enough for her to get in and for her unknown party to get the balance of power. Electronic voting is not secure. We need physical recounts of actual ballots.


  1. Great Reporting Dennis. Nobody wants the RCMP back in Surrey except Derek Brassington and Brenda Locke.

    1. Thanks. I saw some Save the RCMP signs outside a couple of very large homes in Whiterock but they certainly didn't have 28% of the vote in Surrey.

  2. Whose homes? The answer to that might prove instructive.

    B.C needs to look out for itself. Because everyone else just wants a piece of our ass. These politicians who are controlled by others need to go. The election was almost certainly stolen. If an election can be stolen down south, it can be stolen here, even easier I hate to say.

  3. Don't know if the election was fair or not. Do know trying to keep the RCMP in Surrey is not a good plan. A city as large as Surrey needs its own police force, accountable to its own Police Board, etc. The RCMP officers move in and out, their pay comes from Ottawa as do their promotions. Their loyalty is to Ottawa, not Surrey.
    As to Locke trying to bully Heed, good luck with that Ms. Locke. Not only does Heed have a larger knowledge of policing and the law, but he has a faster brain and mouth.
    Policing in Surrey is the business of all the Greater Vancouver cities because criminals from Surrey don't stop at the city border, they go everywhere in the province, country, even the world. With its large land base and growing population policing in Surrey is everyone's business.


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