Sunday, November 27, 2022

Gangsters vs Nazis: How Jewish Mobsters Battled Nazis in Wartime America

I received a new book in the mail today.This one is called Gangsters vs Nazis: How Jewish Mobsters Battled Nazis in Wartime America. I have to admit it has a pretty interesting title. It kind of opens a can of worms that relates to many different things going on right now including the current struggle we see between Communism and everything else.

The Preamble contains a quote by Professor L. B. Namier which states "It is important to non-Jews as well to Jews. Any nation which permits a minority to live in fear of persecution is a nation which invites disaster." That is very true. We see that with the Falun gong in Communist China.

The book mentions Pearl Harbor. At that time, Japan had embraced a Fascist government just like Germany and Italy. I'm told the Republic of Ireland did as well. That is indeed concerning. The book mentions that Hitler tried to divide America and turn it into an ally so it wouldn't join the war against it's expansion in Europe. What it doesn't mention is that the Bush family was doing business with the Nazis in Germany. They helped put the gas in the gas chambers.
That was an abomination. In chapter two Rise of Fascism, the book states "To put it simply, fascism is the belief that a dictatorial leader is preferable to an elected one because many voters are enemies of the people and need to be oppressed. As a philosophy, it require a strong leader and a weaker scapegoat. In Germany, Hitler became the dictator and the Jews the scapegoat."

That is very true. In that sense Fascism is identical to Communism. The real name of the Nazi party in Germany was the National Socialist German Workers' Party. I've talked about the similarities between Fascism and Communism before. Yet ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall.

This facade of fighting Fascism led to calling everyone who disagreed with Communism a Fascist. In Communism, Fascism becomes the scapegoat to rationalize doing exactly what Hitler did. In East Berlin they called the West Fascists yet the West had just fought the Fascists in the War. That allegation was false. The difference between Fascism and Communism is that Fascists are honest about their objectives while Communists are not. Communism is an Empire of Lies.

The book goes on to mention Hitler's concept of Aryan Supremacy. Recently the fake news talked about how Kanye West brought a White Nationalist with him to visit Donald Trump. When I first reported that I misread the article. It sounded like they were trying to claim that Kanye West was a White Nationalist which was absurd.

However in the Castanet article they placed a common between White Nationalist and Kayne West meaning Kanye West brought a White Nationalist with him to dinner. It's still absurd. If the guy is a White Nationalist, why is he hanging around with a Black guy?

Seemingly the guy he brought with him was a Holocaust denier. I've already talked about Flat Earthers and Holocaust deniers before. I don't have time for either. Denying the Holocaust is stupid and offensive. That's all I have to say on the matter. Yet this obsession with White Supremacy shows how false accusations create a scapegoat that fuels the dictatorship.

I've been around the world. Anyone who has traveled knows very well that white people are the minority when you look at the world's population collectively. The concept of White Supremacy is ridiculous. It does not have the following that the fake news claims it has. Xi Jinping is a legitimate threat to global freedom. A couple of hillbillies in the toolies are not. It's just another distraction.


  1. Peaceful Torah worshiping Jews = good. Satanic Talmud worshipers = bad. I believe Jesus himself touches on the subject in the book of revelation.

    1. No. That is absolutely false. The synagogue of Satan is an allegorical reference to hypocrisy. It could apply to any religion especially Christianity. It's like Paul said, if we don't endure trials then we are not sons of God we are bastards - sons of Satan:

  2. Jack Ruby was born into a Jewish family, but he chose to be a mafioso. He was more “Gangster” than Sammy the Bull. In my opinion.

  3. "The concept of White Supremacy is ridiculous. It does not have the following that the fake news claims it has." True! A look at Leo Frank and the founding of the ADL shines a light on the real dynamics.


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