Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Police incident in Vancouver

CTV is reporitng that "There is a major police response happening in multiple areas of the Lower Mainland. Heavy police presence has been confirmed in places like Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, and New Westminster, while people in neighbouring communities have also reported seeing police. Metro Vancouver Transit Police have confirmed to CityNews that they received reports of shots fired at a business near a transit station in Port Coquitlam around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. A related vehicle incident also took place near the Braid SkyTrain station shortly after."


  1. Speaking of guns, did you see Bill C-21 was amended to included all center fire rifles and shotguns with removable magazines? The CCFR says this includes the sks which confused me because the magazine isn't really meant to be removed except the D model, but none of this makes any sense any wa so why not.

    1. Yes, the stock SKS doesn't have a removable magazine. Someone just sent me something about that amendment and I'm trying to confirm it's contents and validity. It is bat sh*t crazy and is one more example of how outrageous Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet's WEF power grab has become. He promotes crime and removes civil liberty. That's what he does. If it is valid I will challenge it in the courts. People who bought a firearm legally should be grandfathered in just like with handguns.

  2. WEF founder Klaus Schwab ("Dr. Evil", tell me that guy is not a Bond villain) wrote in his book about "The Great Reset", that "You will have nothing, and like it". That's what he and his disciples like Justin and Chrystia Freeland have planned for us. They say it, and then do it, how much more clear do we need it to be? We will always get more of what we have already shown that we are willing to accept.

  3. We should not have to be grandfathered. Now double prohibited…. Prohib mag already, in a regular gun, now prohib.

    This won’t stand the test of court/senate.

    They’re throwing everything they can at the wall. Hoping it sticks. Won’t stand the test of time though.


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