Monday, May 23, 2022

Debi Johnstone stalks Doug McCallum

We all know that Doug McCallum ran for the mayor of Surrey on a promise to embrace Sky train over LRT and to form a municipal police force in Surrey. He won the election based on that platform. LRT down 104th would have been an infrastructure nightmare. Linda Hepner and Dianne Watts didn't care because they don't live in Guildford. They just wanted the SNC Lavalin campaign contributions in their pocket.

We all saw the paid ads on Facebook from the RCMP Union trying to prevent Surrey from forming its own municipal police force like everyone else despite the fact that Surrey is the largest city in Canada without it's own police force.

We all saw the fake news deride the mayor and try to prevent Surrey from moving forward. Yet now that same fake news is promoting a provincial police force for all of BC so we see forming a municipal force in Surrey had nothing to do with their concern. Their concern was that Doug McCallum was a fiscally responsible conservative and they deplore fiscal responsibility. After all, Dianne Watts was the tax and spend junket queen who wanted to toll every bridge under the sun to pay for her lavish trips and expenses.

Now Global Fake News is citing Debi Johnstone as their star witness. On Linkedin Debi Johnstone bills herself as your fairy godmother. She is a wingnut that stalked and harasses the mayor relentlessly. The fact that the Surrey RCMP charged the mayor instead of her is evidence they need to be replaced. If Global Fake News is against Doug Mccallum, I'm still for him.

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