Saturday, May 7, 2022

BC releases proposed plan for decolonized police force

OK now it makes sense. Remember how I thought it was suspicious that the BC government and the fake liberal news were considering forming a provincial police force after giving Doug McCallum such a hard time for doing the same thing in Surrey? Well now we know why.

The True North is reporting that "A special committee tasked with revamping policing in British Columbia has recommended the province legislate decolonization and anti-racism into policing." Racism is illegal. It is a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights so what do they really mean and what do they mean by decolonization? Canada isn't a colony any more. The words they are using reveal their real intent. The want to form a Communist police state.

"At the heart of the report is a plan to implement 'a new Community Safety and Policing Act to govern the provision of policing and public safety services based on values of decolonization and anti-racism. Throughout the consultation, Members heard clear evidence of systemic racism in policing as well as the colonial structure of police services,' the report reads."

Systematic racism is a term the fake liberal media is obsessed with. The US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights makes discrimination based or race or religion illegal. The Communists want to get rid of the Constitution and the Charter of Rights because it protects civil liberty by law and they want to do away with civil liberty. They claim you have to give up individual rights to allow for collective rights but that is a lie. Once you do away with individual rights, there are no collective rights. No one has any rights.

These are the same people using Indigenous women to implement Communism when they turn their backs on them as we recently saw in the murder of Chelsea Poorman. We also saw it in the second missing women inquiry. They had no desire to solve the problem, they just wanted to promote the alphabet soup.

The term decolonization is the give away. It ties in with the Red Braid alliance for decolonial socialism which simply means Communism. I reject this proposal completely.


  1. That white collar criminal Bill Gates finally admits Covid was little more than the flu .....

    ..... so that means all you phucking idiots that took his experimental vaccine were played for suckers - and according to some of the best doctors in the world - your immune system is now damaged .....

  2. This is EXACTLY what those bastards are trying to do in the United States. If you notice the uptick in violent crime is only occurring in cities run by Democrats who are soft on crime, and have no problem releasing violent offenders from custody for little to no bail, and then they claim the issues are guns, and gun control. They want Crime to become so rampant that they can then justify suspending the Constitution, and implementing a federal police force. That’s their ultimate objective


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