Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Victims’ families boycotting NS mass shooting inquiry over questioning of Mounties

The Toronto Star is reporting that "The relatives of victims of the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting have told their lawyers to boycott the public inquiry investigating the tragedy, after its commissioners decided to prevent cross-examination of key Mountie witnesses."

"The law firm representing 14 of 22 families issued a statement saying it was instructed not to attend the hearings on Wednesday and the next three hearings on the schedule. Patterson Law said the families are “disheartened and further traumatized” by the commission’s decision Monday to prevent the law firm’s lawyers from directly questioning Staff Sgt. Brian Rehill and Sgt. Andy O’Brien." Yet another public inquiry turned into a farce. Big suppose.

The intent of the inquiry is not to answer questions, it's to aid and abet the coverup. The $475,000 deposited into Gabriel Wortman's bank account was deposited there by the RCMP. That makes them the prime suspects in the shooting. The two officers that shot up the firehall where civilians were being protected reinforce that premise. They shot up the garage doors for f*ck sakes.

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