Saturday, May 14, 2022

Legal challenge to the BC Vaccine passports


  1. Hold on a second ... how do you suppose Fidel Trudeau and his Stasi are to maintain law & order when the Sheeple are protesting over high food & fuel prices, and currency devaluation of 10+% per year from inflation?????

    Scaring the Sheeple into good behavior by rebranding the flu as a deadly new virus is pretty clever move by Master Klaus & Uncle Bill (you gotta admit it) ... and gatewaying everybody thru their vaccine app on their phone to track & issue a Social Credit Score - BRILLIANT!

    Mr. Horgan needs these new stealth crowd control techniques to run his govt., becuase if you remember, the protesters just prior to the arrival of Covid1984 wouldn't even let him Mr. Horgan in his own Govt. buildings - he had to sneak in thru the back under heavy security.

  2. Now that the shock & lockdown effect of Covid1984 is wearing thin ... the new master plan to keep the Sheeple penned appears to be; raise gas prices so the sheeple cannot travel further than the local grocery store - that is all


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