Saturday, May 21, 2022

CBC attacks Leslyn Lewis and defends the WHO

Leslyn Lewis is reporting that "Next week the World Health Assembly will meet to vote on amendments to the International Health Regulations. The proposed amendments will drastically alter how pandemics are declared for any signatory nation. If action is required to deal with pandemics, then local, provincial or federal politicians should be accountable for decisions that are made. Full stop." Exactly.

CBC wrote a scathing spin caller her a fear monger. Turns out that two of the fake legal experts quoted in the CBC article are members of the Trudeau Foundation. Big surprise. If CBC is against Leslyn Lewis, then I'm for her. Lets not get fooled again.

"They said I held up a document that wasn't the treaty. That's right...I did. That’s because I was clear that the document was the working paper of the amendments to the International Health Regulations that will be voted on next week. My point was clear: if this document is passed next week, then I believe it lays the foundation for the transfer of powers from nation states to the unelected WHO during pandemics — thus legitimizing the drafting and potential passage of the Global Pandemic Treaty." The CBC are liars.

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