Friday, May 6, 2022

Chelsea Poorman's murder deemed not suspicious

Update: Vigil held for Chelsea Poorman

CBC is reporting that "More than a year and a half after she disappeared in Vancouver, Chelsea Poorman has been found dead outside an empty house, according to police. The 24-year-old Cree woman's remains were found on the property of an empty home in the pricey Shaughnessy neighbourhood, according to a written statement from the Vancouver police. Contractors working on a house near Granville Street and West 37th Avenue made the grisly discovery on April 22."

"Investigators do not believe her death was suspicious, but Addison told reporters that because the remains were essentially skeletal, it's unlikely the cause of death will ever be determined."

Words cannot describe how offensive that statement is. All this bullsh*t about concern for missing Indigenous women. This case proves that campaign is a lie. They don't care about Indigenous women, they only care about railroading a leftist agenda and are using Indigenous women to promote it. At least they made Brandy Sarionder's murder look like a suicide.

Tell me this, if you claim that you'll never know/release the cause of death, how do you know it was not suspicious? Especially when you know very well the merits of the case scream otherwise. Shame on you and shame on the fake news for selling out another Indigenous women.
How's Jasmine Thiara's murder investigation going? Please advise.

Update: Missing woman’s remains found at Shaughnessy mansion

"An officer was observed walking away from the scene carrying two machetes."


  1. Truth ,if you cant determine cause of death how can you call it not suspicious,like wtf just an excuse bury the file ,lazy and incompetent in my opinion

  2. Wait tell the rest of the truth comes out

  3. Society doesn't care about women disappearing, look at all the trans bs in women's sports. RIP Chelsea, I pray that your killer will be found!

  4. saw the mother on tv. When she said VPD is suspicious.. she is damn right there.


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