Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Jagmeet Singh's Staged Event

Jagmeet Singh's offensive lie has caused us to revisit his staged event during the election. Jagmeet said this convoy represents white supremacy and supporting it means supporting people who would bomb a Muslim Mosque. As I previously said, that is an offensive lie.

I support the convoy and I am not racist. Yet he is calling me a racist white supremacist and claims that I support bombing Muslim Mosques. That is completely false and very offensive. It is divisive and makes me angry. There are three families of Syrian refugees in my complex who I get along very well with. Yet he says I am a racist and would bomb their mosque. Jagmeet is hateful. Jagmeet is racist. This brings us to his staged event during the election.

During the election there was a widely distributed video of how he handled a heckler. We thought it was suspicious at the time, yet we admired the way he handled it. Well let's revisit that. Not only was it staged, it was a broken campaign promise.

During his campaign he had a heckler that got up in his grill. He kept saying you are welcome here. We will meet your hate with love. OK now let's fast forward that to the Truckers Convoy. Jagmeet lied and said the Truckers are hateful racists. Yet his campaign promise was to say they are welcome here and meet their hate with love. Has he done that? Not at all. He has met their sincere concerns with hate and defamation. He certainly hasn't said they are welcome here. He lied. He made a campaign promise that he broke.

He is calling me a racist white supremacist for supporting the Convoy. That is a hateful lie. His own brother in law donated to the Convoy. So now he's calling his own brother in law a racist white supremacist that would bomb a mosque. That is false and really offensive. Where I work we rely on many truckers ever day. I work in shipping and receiving. The majority of those truckers are Indo Canadian. Jagmeet is saying all those Indo Canadians who are in the convoy or are supporting the Convoy are racist white supremacists that would bomb a Mosque. We need to stop those kind of hateful statements and we need to stop electing hateful politicians like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
It's like Brandon Straka's T-Shirt that says "Not a Racist. Not a Bigot. Not a Homophobe. Not a DEMOCRAT." Likewise I am Not a Racist. Not a Bigot. Not a Homophobe and Not a supporter of Jagmeet Singh or Justin Trudeau. The left says everyone who disagrees with them is a racsit. That is ridiculous. I support the convoy and I am not a racist. Deal with it.

We are talking about vaccine mandates for truckers who sit alone in their truck and have no interaction with the public. That is what we are talking about. Stop changing the subject.


  1. I was with a half Black woman for 18 years, now currently with a Thai woman for 11 years. Inadvertently I am a rascist who wasn't even aware of my own views??? Lmao

    When are these deceitful tactics going to stop?
    Anytime this globalist agenda gets exposed, out comes the same divisive garbage. Just think to yourself how many times Turdeau has played this card of divisiveness?

    Just look at the footage of these convoys traveling across the country it was nothing but love of country. I guess that is a direct threat to the new global order the world's megalomaniacs are wanting to assemble at all costs.

    Quit playing along with the nonsense and punt these bought and paid for politicians to the side.

  2. The reason they call people racists, is because look at the reaction they get. For some reason, (white ) people feel the need to immediately go on the defensive and start explaining why they arent racist (I have Muslim neighbors, etc). Obviously you aren't racist (very few people actually are), and I'm not sure why you feel the need to defend yourself against baseless accusations.

    1. Exactly. It is a diversion from the real issue on the table. England and Ireland have lifted Covid restrictions and mandates. We want the same in Canada. That is not unreasonable or racist.

  3. Sounds like citizens should start a class action lawsuit for slander against him

  4. A little basic street level psychology.....you tell a captivated audience the same lie over and over and it slowly starts to resemble something of the truth for many of them.
    Why do you think they deploy such tactics?

    I'll defend against that BS everytime.
    I added a little personal insight last time around and would certainly do so again.


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