Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Freezing bank accounts and hacking donor lists

Trudeau accuses Jewish Conservative MP of supporting people who wave swastikas

Recently GiveSendGo was hacked and the names of donors were given to the State run media. The media that ran that private information is unethical. Boycott them. That hack was CSIS. That comes as no surprise. So were the two clowns with offensive flags. One of the local unethical news outlets said that the Range in Langley donated to the Truckers Convoy. That makes me proud. I go to that range and I support that business.

The media is trying to tarnish the names of these businesses when in reality, it's promoting their business as patriots will go out of their way to use their services now. As one person who had his bank account frozen said, what the government and media is doing is so wrong it validates why the protest exists and encourages people everywhere to speak out.

Countries from all over the world are denouncing Justin Trudeau for what he is doling. This is what noble people do. They oppose injustice wherever they see it. That is why the Sikh community are serving food at the protests. They speak out against injustice.

They say if you don't have haters, that means you never stood up for anything in life. Justin Trudeau and his state run media are frantic because their hate and lies have lost control of the people. When I look at the barrage of lies and hate coming from the media, two quotes come to mind. The first is from William Shakespeare who once said "There is no terror in your threats for I am armed so strong in honesty, that they pass by me as the idle wind which I respect not."

The other is paraphrased from the Bible. "He that hath a dream, let him tell his dream but he that hath the truth, let him speak the truth boldly. What is the chaff to the wheat?" I shall explain.

This life is a test. The scriptures often use the analogy of separating the wheat from the chaff which is also illustrated in the parable of the wheat and the tares. People who do good are always defamed. They are the wheat. People who believe lies without fact checking the fake fact checkers are stupid. They are the chaff that believe the lies sown by the tares or weeds.

If someone like Donnie McWhirter, who vehemently opposes the convoy and consistently lies about them, talks sh*t, let him talk sh*t. It doesn't mean anything. It's just dust in the wind because no lie can live forever. Anyone who believes him or the Covid narrative is stupid. They are the chaff. Defamation and fake news sifts the wheat from the chaff.


  1. From 2009; Jesse Ventura interviews a Doctor who pre-warned of the current UN vaccine sterilization program .....

  2. It was never about a virus ... it was always about control .....

  3. All this unity we have seen of late needs to manifest itself into a "no confidence" vote on Turdeau.
    It's been done before under much less devious circumstances.
    This tyrant needs to be shown the door. Seizing Canadians bank accounts who donated to a Charter of Rights and Freedoms protest is next level craziness. This is exactly where this social credit score will take us. You're a bad citizen this week so we're freezing your access to your money for a week, while you learn to appreciate how great your fearless leader is. AYFKM
    Time to start making phone calls and sending emails to toss this jackass out on the street where he belongs.

    It looks like his bat shit crazy deputy PM had a grandfather that was part of Hitlers regime?

    Turdeau has the audacity to be labeling anyone who disagrees with him as a Nazi?? He might want to start looking from within?
    He's using Nazi tactics and his 2nd in command is literally from Nazi lineage!

  4. Confidence votes in Canada

    At the federal level, six governments that lost confidence votes: Arthur Meighen’s in 1926, John Diefenbaker’s in 1963, Pierre Trudeau’s in 1974, Joe Clark’s in 1979, Paul Martin’s in 2005 and Stephen Harper’s in 2011.

    In 2011, the opposition parties held the prime minister in contempt of parliament in a 156-145 vote for failing to disclose the full financial details of his “tough-on-crime” legislation, corporate tax cuts and plans to purchase fighter jets.

    Surely our current scenario warrants such action.

    Is the WEF influence so great that our MP's are frozen in fear to challange this petty tyrant?

  5. "Gun Control". The name is a lie. They don't care about controlling inanimate objects. They care about controlling people who have them. Ideally by making them not have them.

    Same idea. All about control of other people.

    "Lesson #2. It was never about the cards."


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