Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Honk Honk means Let's go Brandon not Heil Hitler

A couple of quick headlines coming from True North. We had such a great weekend I don't want to dwell on them but I will cite them. True North is reporting that "Toronto Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks claimed during a parliamentary debate that the freedom convoy’s trucker-horn slogan honk honk is actually an acronym-style codeword for the Nazi salute heil Hitler.”

That is absolutely ridiculous. In fact, it's more than that. It's another offensive lie. Ya’ara Saks does not actually believe that because no one is that stupid. No one. If she actually believe that she would have to be mentally deranged and ready for a rubber room.

Ya’ara Saks is using another lie to rationalize the most obscene human rights violations in Canadian history. She admits her source is ANTIFA, the ones who built the Berlin Wall. The ones who screamed at an elderly woman saying Nazi Scum get off the street. They are the world's biggest liars and bullies. Quoting that source is very revealing.

When I Googled her name I saw some Hebrew on her Twitter and I was like why the hell is she mocking that sacred language? Then I read she is a dual citizen of Canada and Israel and the light goes on. Israel is a pretty amazing place and like everywhere else, it has good and bad. Some very good and some very bad. For example, George Soros and the Rothschilds are bad. Very bad. While Ezra Levant and Ben Shapiro are good. Very good.

Communism is bad. Very bad. ANTIFA are Communists. Everyone in their right mind are anti Fascists but ANTIFA aren't just Anti Fascists. They are anti everyone who isn't Communist. They will call everyone who disagrees with them Fascists. Even West Berlin after the war. They built the wall to keep the Western Fascists out. The same Western Fascists that fought Hitler in the trenches. ANTIA and communists are compulsive liars just like Justin Trudeau and Ya’ara Saks.

Why do supporters of the truckers say honk honk? Because Justin Trudeau's Communists tried to outlaw honking and it is their way of defying that illegal order. Saying honk honk really means Let's Go Brandon as in F*ck Justin Trudeau and his offensive lies.

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