Saturday, April 30, 2022

Chris Sky and Jack Murphy

Today I wan to clarify some of the really offensive things that Chris Sky has said so the rest of the movement can understand why anyone with any credibility has distanced themselves from him.

Several months ago a Conservative YouTuber named Sydney Watson, (no relation) interviewed a fake masculinity promoter named Jack Murphy on Blaze TV.

Evidently Jack had published some pretty bizarre articles in the past and promoted some pretty unusual behavior. Sydney simply read out a super chat asking him about an article he wrote and he completely freaked on her. Instead of answering the question and clarifying his position he went off on an abusive tirade directly at Sydney for daring to ask the question.

She was blindsided. She was just reading a super chat. She had no idea why he was swearing at her for something he had written. It reminded me of a scene from Shakespeare's Hamlet when the Queen said the lady doth protest too much, methinks. It means Jack was over reacting so much, he was obviously trying to hide something.

It turns out that Jack had written articles about letting his hot young girlfriend sleep with other men. That is not a Conservative value. He had also written articles about pegging. Putting large objects up his ass during intercourse. That is not a Conservative value either. Turns out it was a completely valid question and Jack raging on Sydney for asking the question is evidence he was trying to hide something. The way Jack raged on Sydney for asking a valid question reminded me of how Chris Sky raged on David Menzies from Rebel News for asking a valid question.

Rebel News really liked Chris Sky. They saw him as a Freedom fighter at first. They saw the media attack him like it does every other Conservative and gave him an opportunity to clarify some of the misinformation the media was spreading about him.

The media had claimed Chris Sky was a Holocaust denier and David gave Chris the opportunity to explain his side of the story. Instead of clarifying the misconception, Chris raged on David for asking the question and basically confirmed the allegation. Keep in mind, Ezra Levant, the owner of Rebel News, is Jewish. David was in shock when Chris said that.

David asked the question and Chris freaked on him and accused David of being fake news trying to defame him. David was like, no I want to give you the opportunity to address the allegation. Chris is tweaking and says 6 million Jews didn't die in the Holocaust, that's a totally fake number. David is a little bit surprised and asks, OK how many people did die in the Holocaust? Then Chris goes on this racist rant minimizing the Holocaust while David and the rest of us are thinking, wow. After that he walks off stage and calls for a boycott of Rebel News and we were like WTF?

After that, Chris Sky came to Vancouver and crashed a Freedom Rally here. He was upset the local organizers didn't want to put him on their speakers list so he set up a stage and hijacked the rally. It was dirty and cheap. Drea Humphrey was really trying to be fair and inclusive so she interviewed him. Chris was really rude to her. I know Drea. Drea is a really nice person who has done great things with Rebel News. She is a rising star we all respect and admire. The way Chris Sky derided her was abusive and totally unacceptable. Turns out Chris Sky has said some really racist things about black people. We're talking batsh*t crazy. Consequently, anyone who endorses him instantly loses any and all credibility they ever hoped to achieve.
Justin Trudeau and the fake news falsely accused the Truckers Convoy of being racist white supremacists. That was an offensive lie. Of all the thousands of protesters and supporters the three individuals with offensive flags were obvious plants and were told to leave. In fact, when a local resident from Ottawa did a walk about during the Convoy he met a big biker type who was a block captain that supervised garbage clean up. The block captain told the resident if anyone shows up with a Nazi or Confederate flag they would tell them to leave and kick their ass to which his group shouted who-ah. Chris Sky isn't carrying a Nazi flag but he is preaching their doctrine.

Satan will tell you nine truths to get you hooked on one lie. In Chris Sky's case he will tell you 50 truths to get you hooked on three lies. Neil said Rolling Thunder wasn't affiliated with Chris Sky but he said as a Veteran he would die for Chris Sky's right to free speech. Not me. I'm not going to fight for his right to say horrible things about Black people or Jews. That is not what my forefathers fought for. When Chris Sky claimed he is uniting the movement, that is his third lie. He's not unifying the movement he is dividing it and discrediting it.

I support Police On Guard. Chris Sky does not. Police on Guard rightfully distanced themselves from Chris Sky for some of his racist statements. As a result, Chris Sky conned one of their guys to leave their group and join his. That was divisive.

Neil was very clear in the promotion of the rolling thunder event no cars or trucks only motorcycles. Rolling Thunder was not an occupation it was a ride. Friday one of the guys from Live from the Shed was doing a live stream of their march. Then another group with vehicles hijacked their event and he separated himself from it. Ottawalks filmed Chris Sky in that group.

Police on Guard pointed out that Ontario Bill 100 – Keeping Ontario Open for Business Act did not not prohibit protests it prohibited blockades. Rolling Thunder is not a blockade. Chris Sky wants to high jack that and turn it into a blockade to provoke a police response because he is an Agent Provocateur sent in to discredit the movement.

BTW it was highly suspicious how the truck and camper decked out with flags that was blocking traffic on Friday made it through the police roadblock to block the biker's route and march.


  1. The Holocaust didn't happen.

    A simple look at the Jewish census numbers (in the World Almanac) before and after the alleged event should cause anyone to be suspicious. The population went up, this is not disputed.

    People died, there were concentration camps, but there was no Holocaust as described. The reason people were so emaciated was because of the Ally bombing of the train tracks used to deliver supplies (food).

    There's much more evidence out there (Auschwitz "gas chamber" doors weren't sealed, they were actually showers/ the simple number of bodies they said would have been incinerated was impossible in the time frame given, etc), but people are afraid to look and be called bad names.

    Ask yourself why it's illegal to question the "Holocaust"? The truth needs no protection. Ask yourself why you believe a narrative from 70 years ago when you realize everything the media currently says is a lie?

    1. That is an offensive lie and you are a POS pissing on good soldiers graves. So in other words, yes Chris Sky is a Holocaust denier and so are you. Go f*ck yourself.

    2. Thank you for trying. God bless you.

  2. Go to Germany and see the gas chambers yourself as you can and you will see they are definitely not showers..


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