Thursday, April 21, 2022

Johnny Depp Amber Heard: 50 Shades of Grey

The video taped testimony at the Johnny Depp Amber Heard defamation trial is going viral and the Hollywood cancel culture's cess pool is ready to pounce. I don't think Amber Heard should be cancelled from Aquaman 2 and I don't think Johnny Depp should be canceled from anything.

I think everyone has learned something from all this. Hollywood's cancel culture sucks but it goes beyond that. I think Amber Heard has learned to be a little less accusatory because she does not play the victim well. This case reminds me of two things. The first is a video of Blaire White when she was first starting out talking about her experience in a psychology class at college.

The women were sharing heartfelt experiences about being abused by men. When one man shared his humiliating experience about being beaten by a women, they all laughed at him. That's kind of a double standard. It's not manly for a man to be abused by a woman but if he fights back he's an abuser so it's a no win situation. Given the prevalence of mental health issues, it's not as rare an occurrence as you might think. When a man experiences something like that he looks back and says I never want to experience that again. Ever.

The other problem I see is the 50 Shades of Grey saga. When that first came out I was told it was erotica. I didn't realize it was S&M. There is nothing erotic about sexual violence. It is deranged. Hit me, hit me. Oh don't hit me. It is a dark road no one wants to travel down.

The insane popularity of the 50 Shades saga shows us how absolutely deranged the world really is. First they normalize sexual violence. Next they normalize pedophilia. That is a sick world none of us want to be involved with. Healthy relationships are respectful and recognize the dignity of humanity. Amber Heard is a cute, stuck up, self indulged b*tch. There are many roles she can play. Johnny Depp is a likable guy we can respect. Everyone has a place here. It just turns out that Amber Heard is a villainess. She wants to brow beat powerful men but when she does she loses respect for them. It' a no win situation that always leads to abuse.

Amber Heard did a great job in 3 Days to Kill. She suits that role.

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