Thursday, April 7, 2022 mission statement: "To rally Canadian Armed Forces veterans across Canada by mobilizing and sustaining lawful civic action in order to restore the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians."

Veterans for Freedom (V4F) is a grassroots organization comprised of Canadian Armed Forces veterans who are mobilizing a nation-wide movement of peaceful, lawful, civic action. We join our brothers and sisters across the country to restore fundamental freedoms for all Canadians, and to honour our Fallen, who made the ultimate sacrifice for these freedoms. We stand on guard to uphold Canadian laws that are governed by the Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Bill of Rights. We call on all able-bodied veterans in Canada to STAND-TO.


  1. I think if trudeau does anything to this veteran group it will be the end for him.These guys r right our soldiers have fought and died in the name of freedom and Trudeau wants to destroy their hard work and sacracfice. Im surprised he hasnt called them white supremacists yet.

    1. It's going to be hard for people to believe they desecrated the war memorial by laying a wreath at it. Just like how they claimed the firefighters desecrated a firefighter memorial in Calgary by respectfully touching it. No lie,can live forever. He will no doubt try and seize their bank accounts.


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