Tuesday, April 26, 2022

New Brunswick RCMP Bust Outlaws with guns and drugs

The RCMP is reporting that "The New Brunswick RCMP has seized six firearms, including several that were loaded and unsecured, as well as drugs and weapons as part of a firearm investigation in Penniac, N.B. On April 21, 2022, police executed a search warrant at a home on Route 628 in Penniac. During the search, police seized two loaded and unsecured handguns, including one that is prohibited, as well as four other unsecured firearms, including two that were loaded."

"Police also seized what is believed to be cocaine, fentanyl pills, an unknown substance believed to be a cutting agent, ammunition, money, drug-trafficking paraphernalia, two weapons including one that is prohibited, and eight outlaw motorcycle club vests." Black Pistons are a puppet club for the Outlaws MC who are Hells Angels rivals.

"Two men and three women were arrested at the scene without incident. Wade Anthony Phillips, 41, from Penniac, and Andrew Jim Roberts, 38, from Cape Breton N.S., appeared in Fredericton Provincial Court by way of tele-remand on April 21. No word on how much cocaine was seized. Doesn't look like much. "These efforts focus on disrupting and dismantling the trafficking of illegal drugs in our province, targeting those causing the most harm in our communities." Exactly.

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  1. The only thing missing in that photo is some boxes of Kraft dinner and some syringes


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