Saturday, April 9, 2022

BC sees a decrease in hospital patients with Covid

The b*tch a*s fake news is reporting that BC sees a decrease in hospital patients with Covid. Note the word with not for. These are hospital patients who tested positive while they were in the hospital for other things. These are not patients who were hospitalized for Covid. It's the same with the ICU. They're in the ICU for other things and tested positive for Covid while they're there which literally means nothing becasue the PCR test is worthless.

If you don't have Covid symptoms and you test positive for Covid you don't have Covid. You need symptoms and a positive test to count as a case. The media is intentionally misrepresenting these numbers. It's the same with the deatth rates. Someone dies of cancer and they test positive right before they die. Those deaths are listed as Covid deaths when they aren't. The media lies.


  1. My mother was not feeling well so i did a covid test on her twice both came up positive but she only had pneumonia like symptoms no loss of smell or taste. She really isnt that bad and its day 3 considering she is 72 and has numerous health issues so i either hope it gets no worse or these pcr tests are as unreliable as ive heard.

    1. Any sickness at that age is a concern. That is the most vulnerable age group.


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