Friday, June 25, 2021

The Hells Angels Go Corporate

I see the Hells Angels have covered up their tracks online and have gone corporate. Local chapters don't have their own websites any more. Just Facebook groups and Instagram pages for selling support gear. The international site lists all the chapters but no links to websites.

It's actually a pretty smart move on their part. It keeps their official business off the grid. No more Big House Crew info so they can't get caught glorifying criminals any more. The main website says you can find BHC info on individual charter websites but there are none.

Clearly this is another step towards plausible deniability. However, it is also their attempt to rewrite history. The Hells Angels are trying to portray Sonny Barger as an American hero. That is ridiculous. As my father used to say, you can't con a con.
Recently when I was checking old links about Odis Garret and Margo Compton, I saw some pretty bizarre misinformation in the media. They claimed that Sonny Barger was upset about the murder of Margo Compton and her twin 7 year old daughters and I was like AYFKM?

Sonny Barger had a website for the West Vegas Hells Angels. They had Odis Garret posted on their Big House Crew as a proud Filthy Few Fellowship member. That's where I got the picture of Odis from. So now they have taken all that down and are trying to rewrite history.

Odis was in the big house because he was running a prostitution ring for the Hells Angels in San Fransisco called the Love Nest. Margo Compton was wanted because she testified against him. She was also wanted because she was writing a book naming names about Sonny Barger and the Hells Angels involvement with criminal activity.

I'm not saying Margo Compton deserved to be killed. I'm saying Sonny Barger approved the murder because it was covering his ass. Odis was honoured on the West Vegas website long after he was convicted of ordering the murder of Margo Compton and her twin seven-year-old daughters. Since the Arian Brotherhood opposed the murder of her daughters, Sonny Barger had to rewrite history and distance himself from the act. Yet we all know the truth.

I could say that I will testify at the judgement bar of God against Sonny but I don't have to. At that point the truth will be plain for everyone to see. He will have baby killer written on his forehead and the world will see the evidence in plain sight. That's why he will have to cower in the darkness with his lies and fake history. Like it or not, what we do in life, echoes in eternity. "McKinley also testified regarding the 1978 Compton murders by the Hell's Angels. Margo Compton had been a prostitute for the then president of the California Nomad chapter of the Hell's Angels. An associate, Flash Gordon, also a Hell's Angel, was operating a massage parlor called the Love Nest. Margo was one of the masseuses at the Love Nest. In order to keep her in line, they kidnapped her twin four-year-old daughters and held them to ensure that Margo continued to prostitute. She eventually went to the police department."

"After she testified at the preliminary hearing, people broke into her residence and killed the person on the couch assigned to guarding her. Her now six-year-old girls fled to the bedroom and covered their heads with a pillow. The triggerman lifted the pillow to see where their heads were, put the pillow back down and shot them. Then they killed their mother, Margo."

“Flash Gordon Grow had been elected president of the San Francisco Angels after the January 6th, 1977, execution of his predecessor, Harry 'The Horse' Flamburis and Flamburis’ young girlfriend. The penalty meted out to Flamburis was because he was resisting the Angels’ move into prostitution and narcotics racketeering. The operation also allegedly had the protection of two San Francisco vice officers who were paid off in cash and sexual favors."

Michael Kramer and the ATF run Humaniplex. You really think Sonny Barger doesn't know?

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