Thursday, June 3, 2021

Neil Cantrill's Sentencing - Update

OK so Neil Cantrill's sentencing continued in New West today. Turns out the only publication ban in effect for that case is a 486 ban which just covers bail hearings and expires when the trial is over. That means I am allowed to report on what I heard in court yesterday.

Yesterday when I sat in the courtroom a lawyer was making a submission to the court saying why her client was such a nice guy and should receive a reduced sentence. I didn't hear which accused she was referring to. It was either Neil's son Stephan or Robert Lowry.

As soon as I walk in the lawyer mentions Pickton. I was like WTF? I assume she was referring to case law. I thought it was pretty ironic she would site a Robert Pickton case in a Hells Angel sentencing. Then she goes off about sexual assault and date rape drug and I was like WTF? I must have the wrong room. They kidnapped a guy. That's why I left to check with the registry.

She said her client was a nice guy from a nice family implying that is why he should receive a reduced sentence. Yet kept going on and on about sexual assault and the use of date rape drug. Oh he's a nice guy who committed sexual assault and uses date rape drug. Great family.

They told us that rape was against the rules in the Hells Angels. Did they lie to us again? Big surprise. I don't know the context those statements were made in. The sheriff wouldn't let me back in because of Covid. I just know something very fishy is going on here and I'm going to look into it. Evidently you're not allowed to wear gang colours in bars but you are allowed to in court.

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