Friday, June 18, 2021

Alberta Hells Angel found dead in Surrey - RIH

The Compromised BC Gang Task Force told Dr Spin that "The Surrey RCMP and the B.C. Coroners Service are investigating after a full-patch Hells Angel from Alberta was found dead in a Surrey RV park Thursday. Darcy Lee, 45, had been staying at the Brownsville RV Park, at 11940 Old Yale Rd., for about two weeks. Sources confirmed the deceased person was Lee, a member of the Westridge chapter of the Hells Angels, based in Edmonton. Sgt. Elenore Sturko said that Surrey RCMP has opened a file on Lee’s death, but that there is no indication of foul play."

No evidence of foul play. Of course not. This is coming from the Compromised BC Gang Task force. Drug overdose or suicide. Neither is plausible. This is another Hillbilly POS from Drayton Valley. Westridge and the Edmonton chapters are the scum bags that killed a father in Greece.

The Edmonton Hells Angels are the ones that were given the Surrey drug trade after the Wolf Pack took over the DTES from Redd Alert who were also led by the Edmonton Hells Angels just like the Brother's Keepers and the Driftwood Crips. This death reconfirms the Edmonton Hells Angels direct involvement in the Surrey drug trade. Don't Fear The Reaper - Much.

Edmonton Hells Angel Blake Christie died suddenly after being arrested with Dominic DiPalma.

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