Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bacchus president pleads guilty to drug trafficking

CBC is reporting that Brian Schofield, the Saint John Bacchus club president, just plead guilty to trafficking crystal meth after three raids yesterday concluding a six month investigation. Five other former members and associates have also been charged with drug trafficking.

Saint John Bacchus were the ones evicted out of their clubhouse after their former brain dead president Matthew Foley shot up the whole neighbourhood and killed a guy he couldn’t take in a fight. They sure have done a great job at solidifying criminal organization status for their club.


  1. I'm ashamed these guys harassed the veteran's motorcycle club...actual hero's.

  2. Indeed. Just a bunch of two bit meth heads. They have no right to harass anyone.

  3. They'll go the way of the Spartans I bet. Adios.


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