Saturday, August 3, 2013


I took the bike out to Whitecliff tonight for the sunset. It’s very peaceful. Sometimes we all need a break from the cesspool of greed and violence tied to the drug trade. All eyes are on Edmonton right now with the latest cocaine bust there. The EDGE unit is doing an amazing job at restoring public confidence in law enforcement after the EPS had such a bad reputation of sharing intel with the Hells Angels. Let’s hope CSIS or the RCMP don’t pull the plug on their operation since they are doing such a great job. We’ve seen that happen before. I remember Chuck Pillon.

All this talk about crack has got me shaking my head. Crack was big in the States back in the /80’s. Why on earth are we still banging our head against the wall feeding that insane plague? Let’s remember who Gary Webb said was responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80’s. Me thinks it’s the same clowns responsible for our present crack epidemic here in Canada.

Enjoying a peaceful sunset at the beach after all this talk about crack violence made me think of that scene from Star Wars when a guy tries to sell Obiwan death sticks at a bar. He uses a Jedi mind trick on him and says you don’t want to sell me death sticks. You want to go home and rethink your miserable life. Then the guy gets up and says exactly that before leaving.

These guys do need to rethink their miserable lives. As well as the misery they profit from. Shooting someone because you want a monopoly on the crack trade is pure greed. Cutting crack with Levamisole so you can stretch it and make more money while you give people flesh eating disease is pure greed. That has absolutely nothing to do with riding motorcycles.

I saw a group of divers heading out to the water after sunset. Turns out they weren’t divers they were swimmers with glow sticks and headlamps wanting to go for a swim and see the bioluminescence. Plankton that glow in the dark. That’s a whole new world I haven’t explored yet. There is so much out there you can’t find in a crack pipe or a bottle of Drano.

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