Monday, August 5, 2013

Research ship sets sail to study Pacific dead zone

A research ship funded by a Google executive has set sail from San Francisco to study a dead zone in the Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island. Dead zones in the ocean are a growing problem where areas of low-oxygen water are expanding because of pollution and climate change. Since we get most of our oxygen from the ocean, this needs to be addressed.

UVic has a deep sea web cam in place to study the ocean floor called VENUS: Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea. Now there appears to be a network of web cams in place called Neptune. The Venus web cam spotted an octopus that entered the dead zone but left to find an area with more oxygen.


    INTERESTED? China/US/Japan relations?

  2. Sucking up to China is indeed problematic since they are in a conflict with Japan over disputed territory. Since Harper sold our oil rights to China it's pretty clear which side he chose on that one. I just have a real problem with helping North Korea become nuclear weapon able. Evidently Harper doesn’t.


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