Monday, August 19, 2013

Surrey Six trial moved to Vancouver

CTV is reporting that one of the Surrey Six trials has been moved from New Westminster to Vancouver next month. The one without Jamie Bacon. The one involving Cody Rae Haevischer, Mathew Johnston and Quang Vinh Thang Le. Perhaps they didn’t like the picket signs in New West. Like we haven’t picketed Vancouver courts before.

Nevertheless, as I previously said, since there are so many overlapping cases involving the Surrey Six going on at once I don’t see the publication ban being lifted until it’s all over so I won’t be covering it. I don’t want to do anything to screw it up. I don’t care who IHIT slept with. Getting some accountability for that horrific murder is paramount.

I do encourage people to attend the trial though. If the public and the press don’t attend the trial they won’t know what to report when the publication ban is finally lifted. That trial is going to be long and tedious and I don’t have the time to cover it. It would be nice to shake Anton’s hand.

I think Sophon Sek is being tried separately as well. The whole thing is one big mess. Wasn’t Mathew Johnston the one that kicked Robert Thomas’ ass in prison? That was rather surprising. I guess he was able to collect from Team Bryce for that one. Who knows, maybe Thomas took a dive and split the reward money with him. Team Giles always does the creep.


  1. ok that makes more sense, thanks for the info.

  2. No worries. I think it’s important when people start throwing names around like Red Scorpions, Independent soldiers, the Crew or the GTS that all of them sell drugs for the Hells Angels. They’re not rivals of each other. The only rivals we had in BC were the UN and the Bacon brothers and the Hells Angels played the UN by pretending they supported them when in reality they were supplying and supporting the Bacon brothers. The whole point of the Surrey Six was to take over the leadership of the Red Scorpions for the Hells Angels. People freaked when I said that at the time but now that has become clear.

  3. I dunno about saving the world but taking out the trash once in a while sure makes the world a better place to live in. God help you if you're related to CJ.

  4. Agent K. CJ Barroby, is my cousin and regardless as of what he has done, he is still a good person and most of all he is a part of my family. he paid is debt to our society through the Canadian justice system.
    the only trash you've taken out, is the trash from your own house. :-) I have read a few of ur blogs. Your diatribe center's around old news. Newspaper articles or magazine clips. Then it seems as though you scrounge around a few pictures on the internet of people and post them. you offer no important information to anyone. Your blog is set up well, I can admit that but, you live in the past. Your blog offers no relevant information to the police.
    All you offer is a gossip column for the sheeple. Similar to old ladies, gossiping in a small insignificant village, somewhere is this big huge universe. At the end of your life can your really say you did something important for society...... or will you die quietly along with your blog. take care. have a nice life.

  5. I disagree. I think all crack dealers and crystal meth dealers are trash and anything that helps get that garbage off the street and expose the yuppies that profit from their business is a good thing. Obviously everyone’s entitles to their own opinion. Yet if someone doesn’t like my blog, they don’t have to read it. There are millions of other blogs on the internet and things to do in life.

    However, I don’t think my blog is like a bunch of old ladies gossiping. I think the gang war concerns many people and the materialistic lifestyle that goes with it ends in violence and creates a lot of misery. I guess that’s the point of the blog. To try and get people to start thinking about how their actions affect others. Those caught up in the lifestyle simply don’t care yet they might have some friends who do. That’s how I get the pictures. I barely spend any time on facebook at all and most gang members have me blocked. It’s people on their friends lists who don’t approve of what they’re doing that sends me the pictures.

    CJ didn’t pay his debt to society. He got house arrest for trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels. That’s what has everyone so pissed off. Anyone can change and it is quite possible he doesn’t sell cocaine any more but he does still work for the Hells Angels who do. The Hells Angels used violence to take over the stripper agencies in BC. CJ has profited from that violence and gets to supply Randy Jones’ Tbarz, I mean Shakerz, with strippers as he gets a little on the side. Come on, he’s got the face that only a mother could love. If it wasn’t for the Hells Angels, he wouldn’t be in business. That’s why they chose him. They pick people who wouldn’t make it on their own so they don’t start working for the other team. Regardless, the Hells Angels use of violence to take over the stripper agencies in BC is wrong. As is their violence they use to take over the drug trade. It’s all wrong.

    1. C J paid his debt to society as order by the Court Of Queens Bench. Maybe according to your own individual ideas, he has not paid his debt but then again you are not a Magistrate. I personally do not favor society being run by purists. I really don't believe it would work and I say this because you come off as a purist. Maybe you should become a politician or become employed at some level of the Judicial system. take care. have a nice life.

    2. Just because I do not want our society to be run by purist type personalities, that sure doesn't mean I would choose to have the HA running the show. I don't believe society can function with wide spread drug use. The sale of narcotics within any society brings nothing but negative effects upon that society. have a nice life. take care


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