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Alberta Sheriff assault: No Charges No Justice

This just in. A blog reader sent this story in which really enforces the desperate situation the RCMP is in across the country and how our civil liberties are consistently under attack. This one is again from Alberta. Camrose just south east of Edmonton.

Global news is reporting that Simona Tibu claims she was seriously assaulted by a sheriff in a road side stop. At least he didn’t shoot her dead this time or in the leg like they did the guy from the man tracker show.

She claims an Alberta sheriff pulled her over for speeding. In BC, sheriffs don’t have the jurisdiction to pull people over for speeding. They transport prisoners and work in the courts.

She claims he was banging on her window and demanded to see her license and registration. She claims she said you can see them as soon as you stop banging on my window and if you don’t stop I’m going to film you on my cell phone. She then claims he became more enraged smashed the cell phone and then extensively assaulted her.

To her amazement when the RCMP officer showed up he said she was going to be charged with resisting arrest. Just like Rodney King. This has been a horrible week for police brutality in Alberta. It stains all of us because law enforcement is so important.

This sheriff needs to be sued civilly and charged criminally then if found guilty in a court of law not in a rogue RCMP officers opinion, he needs to be fired. This isn’t some wild crack head. This is a doctor. It's not just his word against hers. She has injuries that were not self inflicted. Resisting arrest for speeding doesn't make sense. He destroyed the evidence by smashing her cell phone. She didn't smash her own cell phone.

Right now we have a serious problem with police misconduct and police brutality that is a direct violation of the Charter of Rights. Once again the arrogance of the department shows they must be sued in court before they will even think about addressing the problem just like in the class action sexual harassment suit despite the many proven allegations. Rage and denial is all we’re getting from the federal government. That needs to change. In more ways than one. Through the democratic process and through the courts of law because like it or not the Charter of Rights is real. If police want to enforce the law they must be bound by it.

Clearly police misconduct does not make criminal behavior acceptable. It does not condone selling crack or stealing cars and we are to applaud the hard work of the good cops out there like the EDGE unit and the CFSEU that are really making a difference despite the shameful conduct of their coworkers. We do have lots of gang news to come.

This case really infuriates me. Even though it appears in Alberta sheriffs have been given jurisdiction for traffic offenses, this guy is a woman beater. Those injuries do not constitute reasonable force. He is a piece of garbage.

Here’s another one from the States. US cops laughing after tasering a kid for doing graffiti and killing him. Back in Alberta we have another case of a deaf mute in Red Dear suing a sheriff after he jumped him for signing he couldn’t understand his command.

In Winnipeg two former Manitoba sheriff's officers are facing another round of sex-related charges. These arrogant violations of civil liberty need to stop. I never made a big deal about the taser incident at the airport because everyone knows they made a mistake and lied to cover their ass. Yet all these new cases show how out of control police accountability really is.


  1. Not commenting on the actual incident - but in Alberta they do have a division o the Sheriffs that do highway traffic enforcement.

  2. Actually your wrong, Alberta Sheriffs were tasked by the Albert Solicitor General with Traffic enforcement duties here a while back

    Here is a link for you:

    Does that mean that this officer overstepped his duties and committed a crime, it sure as hell looks like it. But the problem is the Blue Wall still exists today in Law enforcement.

    Here she was charged by the RCMP, but this is the sticking up for their comrades. The problem is that when you go to court, you are looked at as guilty rather than innocent and anyone from law Enforcement word is held in higher regard than your average citizens word is.

    Look at the Robert Dziekanski case, if it wasn't for the citizen who shiot that video, would the officer initial version of events as they said what occurred be taken as true? Of course they would have.

    The video disproved the officer official account and the RCMP blue wall kicked in and they tried to cover it up.

    Even after the inquiry and the charges were laid against the RCMP officer, what happened? The court took the officers word against all the evidence presented before it.

    The fact that an officers word is held higher than your average citizen and the officer can claim he forgot this or that in his report at the time, the court will say, o.k. not an issue.

    If you or I did that we would be told we were lying or trying to limit our involvement and we would be convicted more times than not.

    Alberta Justice will investigate and when or before it goes to court drop the charges against this lady due to her injuries suffered at the hands of this Sheriff.

    The Sheriff will be investigated and they will either find it justified or will charge him and the Judge will then take the officers word that things happened as they did and dismiss it, or the Sheriff will get a slap on the wrist because he is an officer of law enforcement.

    The problem the lady has is it is her word against his, and the courts seem to take an officers word before yours as their word is held to a higher regard than your average citizen.

    The injuries this lady suffered though will help in her story along with her smashed phone, while this officer should be prosecuted for what he did, nothing will come out of it sadly.

    She would and should launch a civil suit and rightfully so, and you can bet an out of court settlement will be reached.

    The RCMP as with any agency doesn't care if you are charged or anything for that matter they will lay the charge regardless of the facts because they are going to follow the code and your word against an officer of law enforcement means squat.

    Sad to say but this is how it is and how it will always be. There are a lot of good cops out their , but their are just as many who abuse their powers

  3. Good points. The actual incident and the Alberta jurisdiction are two different things. In BC, where I live, Sheriffs don't have jurisdiction to pull people over. They serve summons and work with the courts. Several readers claim that in Alberta sheriffs have been assigned traffic duties. That is entirely possible and I have to check on it.

    However, as I will expound on in the post, the outrageous conduct of this sheriff is unacceptable just like the taser incident at the airport. The guy is a woman beater. Even if she was resisting arrest which clearly fails the test of believability, reasonable force does not mean beating the tar out of her and incurring those kinds of damages. It means holding and restraining a prisoner not assaulting them. A man using that kind of force on a woman is clearly excessive. She was speeding. She wasn't in the act of committing an armed robbery.

    The facts show this guy is a woman beater. That's not even small man syndrome, that's piece of garbage syndrome. This blatant violation of the charter of rights needs to be addressed. Civilly and criminally.

  4. Another Alberta Sheriff

    1. This has gotten completely out of control. They have absolutely no regard for the law or civil liberty. I couldn't get the link to work but I think it's about the deaf mute case in Red Deer.

  5. agent k a friend I went to school with and who is a dr was jogging home from work when an off duty officer blind sided him and fractured his eye socket causing permanent eye damage ...his reasoning was his daughter had been approached by a man fitting the description..when he realized what he had done he called in the calvary and they further assulted the dr saying he was resisting arrest...and charged him with assualting an officer and cuffed him to his hospital bed...the next morning a high ranking officer came in and explained charges would be dropped if he signed a paper and both parties will go there own way and forget about it ...he refused to admitt he had done anything wrong and the case gained momentum and him being a dr helped and along with ten witnesses that were mortafied by this attack ..the officer lost his job and I believe went to jail for a few months ..two others have been repramanded in trying to intimidate the there is hope in prosecution of these rogue assholes..that happened in windsor ont a yr or two ago

    1. I had no idea what a huge problem this was but that is becoming evident and needs to be addressed. It creates public mistrust in the powers that be. To serve and protect? To serve and protect themselves perhaps. We need to realize the obvious. That two wrongs don’t make a right. A group of dirty cops covering for their police brutality and abuse of the Charter of Rights doesn’t make selling crack or stealing cars right. Both are wrong. Both need to be addressed. As John Wayne said there’s right and there’s wrong. Do one and your living. Do the other and you might be walking around but you’re deader than a Beaver’s hat.

  6. It seems the attitude from police is if you don't jump when told to you are resisting authority and need to be taught a lesson. It is reminiscent of criminal gangs that spout lingo like you disrespected me. It has nothing to do with how much respect they show to you. So if you question anything they have the right to teach you a lesson. We need a third party investigator that had the authority to fire them. But even more important make training the hallmark of all promotions. No one gets promoted unless they take training on how to effectively deal with the general public.

    1. I'll wear a body cam and audio if provided and you will get all the evidence needed to do something about Alberta law enforcement at minimum twice a week I either get assaulted or my phone smashed or money taken from me and other personal items as for the other torture they inflict on me I'm not sure how to prove they do it other then it's a he said she said senirio

  7. Her Majesty, the Queen, in the right of Alberta , has the evidence of dash camera tempering and lies of sheriff Oscar Rob Behiels . The evidence was given to Behiels to "help" . Douglas Taylor is the prosecutor name .

  8. The dashcam proves Ms. Tibu lied, she was not beaten or sexually assaulted. She was arrested for refusing to produce her documentation then she resisted arrest during which, she tried bite and spit on him. Ms. Tibu has a history of lying (see previous court casea)

    1. I'm sorry but that fails the test of believability. No man should ever beat any woman like that for any reason.

    2. He didn't beat her, nowhere does he do anything but try to arrest her as she resists then goes down on the gravel where she sustained the facial injuries.

    3. The injuries speak for themselves.

    4. They make it look like u resist by hurting you physically


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