Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Metro Vancouver gas fraud is no mystery

CTV is reporting that "The B.C. Utilities Commission issued a supplementary report Tuesday, upholding a previous conclusion that British Columbians are paying up to 13 cents/litre more for gas than others, despite gas companies putting forward explanations for the difference. The follow-up report comes after a government-ordered review into how gas is priced in B.C. That report found a mysterious 13 cents/litre premium on wholesale prices paid by B.C. drivers."

The higher costs in metro Vancouver is no mystery. It is price fixing due to the oil monopoly. I was speaking with someone from Manitoba over the weekend and he said gas there was 87 cents a litre. Global is reporting that "The B.C. government is considering potential legislation that would require oil and gas companies to disclose confidential supply and pricing data to help solve the mystery of the province’s high fuel prices." Considering?! Do it. Price fixing is illegal.

Break the monopoly. Fort St John has oil. Nationalize it like ICBC and build a refinery in BC. That will lower prices at the pump and increase tax revenue which will counter skyrocketing ICBC premiums from the Chrity Clark Fraud. Nationalizing BC's oil like Norway will be a win win situation for taxpayers. F*ck Jason Kenny. Alberta should not own refineries in BC.


  1. Why the stall tactic? It’s not rocket science, why only the consumer can figure it out and why is Gov’t being so blatantly stupid? Obviously the industry needs “regulating” just as the Gov’t does other industries because they are ripping off the consumer!

  2. Refinery. Man they voted liberals. All we gonna get is carbon tax then a recession. Alot people already are pay check to pay check. Gonna get alot worse before it gets better.
    A refiner in BC and one in Albert would solve the issues in Canada and allow us to export products made in Canada instead of shipping our resources to other countries to refine and ship back. We keep selling our selves short and complaign about lack of skilled high paying jobs. Good thing is we as skilled Canadians can travel abroad and make good money unfortunately we don't spent it in Canada then.


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