Monday, July 2, 2018

Dr Zheng Shuen and the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China

I received an email from the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China expressing their concerns that Dr Zheng Shuen, a specialist in forced organ harvesting in China will be speaking at the TTS2018 in Madrid today.

The letter states "We are a group of legal professionals, academics, ethicists, medical professionals and researchers with an interest in advancing knowledge about China’s system of organ procurement and transplantation and promoting ethical medical practices in China. We are extremely concerned to note that Dr. Zheng Shusen is participating in TTS 2018, scheduled to speak on July 2 in a plenary session. ( This will be the second time Zheng has appeared at a TTS conference. His first appearance in 2016 occasioned widespread controversy. Below we set out a series of facts about Dr Zheng in support of our urgent request that he be precluded from the conference on the grounds of multiple, serious and prolonged breaches of international ethical standards regarding organ transplantation."

The letter which is signed by a long list of professional academics states that "Zheng has personally performed thousands of transplants during a period when very few, if any, cadaver organs were sourced from voluntary, non-prisoner donors."

We have talked about this before. Communist China's longstanding practice of organ harvesting from political prisoners. This dark evil is very real. Anastasia Lin spoke about about it and was banned from participating in the Miss world pageant because of drawing attention to it. She was in a movie filmed in Vancouver that explained the problem called The Bleeding Edge.

I myself have attended and written about Falun gong protests in Vancouver. The Epoch Times has covered the genocide clearly but the main stream media barely mentions it. Ethan Gutmann has spoken out about it. We need to face this because it is real. Ethics matter.

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  1. I do like the picture. Its clear and to the point and lets everyone know who and what the guy is. too bad it isn't done more.


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