Sunday, July 22, 2018

Newton meeting hijacked by Anarchists and Communists

Well that was disappointing. I attended a panel discussion on crime in Newton today and it was hijacked by a couple of wing nut Anarchists and Communists. I won't be doing that again.

Do we really have to talk about my past history fighting with the Anti Poverty Committee in the DTES before the Vancouver Olympics? Do we really have to talk about my past history fighting with Darrell Tingley when he was president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and endorsed Revolutionary Communism in Cuba on behalf of all the members?

Before I explain what happened at the meeting today, have a peak at this trailer to another new movie called In the Name of Confucius. Anarchists and Communists are enemies of Liberty. To all those undecided out there Let it be known that I am not Undecided. The New York Model is coming to Surrey. Lead, Follow or Get out of the way. This is our crib. We support Law and Order.

Homes not Drugs. Law and Order not Anarchy. Civil Liberty not Communism.

Implementing the New York City Crime Reduction Model in Surrey

Surrey Strip residents pack up and leave for new homes

Surrey's Yaletown: Whalley’s World Transformed

Surrey RCMP cleans up the Surrey strip

I may be from Surrey, but I was trained in New York.

Massive gang violence rally at Surrey City Hall

Let's give it up for New York. If Time Square can change, so can Whalley. Word.

Update: This is what happened at the Newton Crime meeting.


  1. "Anti-Poverty Committee", LOL. Must be legit, doesn't sound Communist at all.... :sarcasm:

    1. The Communists exploit the poor to promote their radical political agenda just like the drug dealers do to make money off of them. Just like Lenin exploited the Trade Unions. When Lenin took over the workers revolution in Russia the Trade Unions went on strike. Lenin sent in the machine guns to cut down the protesters. The families were too scared to collect their dead:

  2. GREAT link, thanks for posting that. Should be required reading for all these modern "democratic socialists". Of course they wouldn't get it....."Communism would be great, it just hasn't been done right".

    Yeah, it costs millions of dead every time it's been tried but hey, lets give it another shot. Excuse me, "shots".

    1. Most of the social justice warriors have no idea their ideology is even communist in origin. They just think it is "democratic" and/or "fair" and/or "justice". Fewer even think of it as socialist.

      Only some of the organizers of the groups (and I would put in the university professors who urge them on into this AS WELL AS all those teachers who teach the "eco justice" school programs (a catch-phrase that sounds nice, just like "anti-poverty committee") have any idea of the origins of their "cause".


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