Friday, July 13, 2018

Judicial Treason in Canada

In response to the defiant act of treason wherein the Supreme court of Canada did away with religious freedom, the Gangsters Out News Syndicate launched the Judicial Treason website.

Saying that a Christian is not allowed to have their beliefs and practice law in Canada is as absurd and offensive as saying a Muslim, Jew, Sikh, Buddhist or Bahá'í can't. It is an act of treason within a free republic. It is the same as saying that a Gay or Lesbian isn't allowed to practice law in Canada. It is discrimination based on prohibited grounds.

Under Fidel Castro, "LGBT people, particularly gay men, were routinely sent to prison without trial or charge by the state." That is why discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal in Canada. To prevent that from happening. The intent of the law is not to abolish religious freedom. Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights doesn't even say sexual orientation.

If the court was to say that Free Masons or Hells Angels must include women in their organization because discrimination based on gender is prohibited, that would be completely wrong. Men are allowed to form men's groups just as women are allowed to form women's groups and gays are allowed to form gay groups. That is what the freedom of association means. At the gym there is a women's only section. Many gyms are for women only. That is their right.

The court has absolutely no right to tell any person or group of people what they can or cannot believe. The court has absolutely no authority or jurisdiction to tell a person or group of people what kind of covenant they can or cannot make. This is why we have launched That decision is WRONG. Natural justice will not let this continue. No lie can live forever.

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  1. "", long overdue to shine a bright light on these "learned" cockroaches, go get'em Boyo!


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