Saturday, July 7, 2018

US and China prisons: Two different extremes

The problems with the prison system in China are obvious. China has political prisoners. They put you in jail for being Buddhists. That violates a fundamental right. Then they execute prisoners for organ harvesting. That is obscene. It's all about making money. Yet the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world. That is a serious flaw within the land of the free.

In the US private for profit prisons are slave labour traded on the stock exchange. Giving inmates the opportunity to work for early release is a good thing. Keeping people incarcerated to fund cheap labour for corporations is not. Private prisons traded on the stock exchange is insane. That is simply human trafficking.

Clearly China and the US are two opposite extremes that we do not want to emulate. Norway is obviously the better model. Private for profit prisons have no motivation for rehabilitation. Their motive is keep people in prisons and working for cheap labour. In 2009, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that private prisons are an unconstitutional violation of basic human rights.

Millions of American adults are not allowed to vote due to a felony conviction.


  1. Our system is a joke to, now the harm reductionists have pushed their agenda and they're allowing needle exchanges in jail An hiv infected needle is a formidable weapon. Some were suggesting inmates and welfare recipients could be gainfully employed and pick up garbage, the strongest resistance came from the public sector unions

    1. perhaps you'd like to bring back chain gangs while you're at it. Welfare recipients are on welfare because they can't work, usually or have small children. Picking up garbage is so yesterday and out of touch. So you'd like the mentally ill and parents of babies and toddlers to pick up garbage would you. it be great you know to reduce their numbers because many would get killed in traffic. Have you had a look at the regulations for workers who do that type of work? thought not. Inmates outside of jail, nice touch. so all those people who have committed serious crimes need to be out side picking up garbage. Do you know how much it would cost to guard them? thought not/

    2. Not every welfare recipient is unable to work. Having healthy males who are capable of working work is in everyone's best interest. Promoting drug addiction in prison the way we do is bad.

      Letting prisoners work if they so choose for early release not mandatory early release would be in everyone's best interest. It would give them something to do and offset the costs of their incarceration. Taking that to the extreme and keep people in prison so corporations have have cheap slave labour like in the US is wrong.

  2. Nice article. It might be of interest that half of the American prisoners are people of colour. The white establishment wins that way. The more people of colour in jail the fewer voters.

    both China and the U.S.A. violate human rights on a constant basis. The big difference is the U.S.A. denies it and calls themselves the land of the free and home of the brave, which they're not, well perhaps if you're white and rich......


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