Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Arizona Hells Angel charged in the brutal murder of Cynthia Garcia

The Washington Post is reporting that Paul Eischeid, a suspect in the brutal murder of Cynthia Garcia returned to Arizona last week in handcuffs to face charges related to her death after being extradited from Argentina. Hells Angle Kevin Augustiniak, already plead guilty to second degree murder for his role in her death back in 2011. Cynthia was badly beaten and stabbed 27 times before being dumped in the desert. Eischeid was a stock broker by day ad a Hells Angel by night.


  1. LOL, Argentina, huh? For as smart as he supposedly was, he got that wrong, it's a different country in South America that won't extradite you if you have offspring born in that country. I guess like a lot of these assholes he's not as smart as he thought. But then if he was, he'd never have started hanging out with born losers like the HA, nor would he and his "bro's" have been so bothered by the taunts of a drunken, drugged up female who insulted their club that they'd beat her mercilessly and then stab her dozens of times. F**king loser's couldn't even figure out how to get her head off. They should have called Sonny, right down the road in Cave Creek, I'm sure he could have given them some guidance. No pity for the children she left behind that now have to grow up and live their lives without a mother.

    These people (and I use that term advisedly) need to be disposed of.
    Someone is always going to get hurt, the only choice we have as a society is who it will be. I vote for it to be them.

    1. She allegedly insulted the club. They said Brittney Irving was a rat and that was a bold faced lie. She came to a HA party with one of the younger guys and probably said no to the train with the fat old guys so they said she insulted them.


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