Saturday, February 11, 2012

B.C.Missing Men

Concern and frustration are mounting among the families whose loved ones — all young, athletic men - have mysteriously vanished in B.C.'s Lower Mainland in the last year. Daniel Bouchard of White Rock went missing Monday night on the way back to his basement suite from a local pub. Sounds very similar to the Aaron Derbyshire case in Kelowna.

The most recent cases reported to the province's missing persons unit include:

- June 9: Daniel Bouchard, 20, of White Rock disappeared after leaving a local pub.

- April 10: Michael Scullion, 30, of Chilliwack disappeared in Agassiz.

- March 19: Kellen McElwee, 25, of Burnaby was last seen outside a Langley restaurant.

- Jan. 1: Derek Kelly, 32, of Langley vanished near Bridge Lake.

- Nov. 2, 2007: John Kahler, 29, was last seen at a four-by-four truck rally at Stave Lake.

- June 1: Bryan Braumberger, 18, disappeared somewhere near the Coquitlam and New Westminster boundary.

Matthew Huszar has been missing since December 16th, 2011. He was last seen on Water Street in Gastown, Downtown Vancouver.

Whistler DJ Michael Grefner has not been seen since January 17th 2012. There's a large Facebook Group set up for him.

Update: Daniel Bouchard is back home


  1. There are currently 67 missing men just in the lower mainland area from 2000 till now. The rest of BC has a lot of unsolved disappearances as well. Where are these people all disappearing to? A lot of the men have gone missing late a night, quite often after the bars close. Strange that no one sees anything and they just seem to vanish.

  2. I would venture to guess that people ARE seeing things, but they don't recognize them for what they are. A lot of the time when something like this is solved and the investigators piece it all together, they come to realize that. But that's only IF they are actually looking at all the pieces in front of them. That's only IF they don't have a preconceived notion of what's happening. Or not happening. The Pickton investigation is a prime example of that. "What, women disappearing off the streets in the Lower East Side? Nothing to see here...."

    There's ample evidence to show that this situation is not limited to Robert Pickton murdering and rendering drug addicted sex trade workers. And yet that is basically the "for public consumption" story that's being sold. As you observe, "Injustice" Wally doesn't want anyone going anywhere near the idea of HA using that farm as a large scale body disposal operation during the years of great expansion of their business, when they would necessarily be breaking a lot of eggs for that omelette.

    Now we have young men who all seem to have at least their age group in common disappearing left right and center, with some common features to the circumstances. This situation, the dozens of unaccounted for DNA profiles at the Pickton site, and the ongoing "Trail of Tears" investigation, would seem to suggest
    that there are at least 3 (likely more) active serial killers currently operating in B.C..

  3. What we really need is for all of the missing people of BC (Canada) to be listed in one location and perhaps then we can see if there are similarities.It could be something that seems insignificant until you see its something that is happening more than once. You are right people are probably seeing something but don't even know it..

  4. I agree. I knew there were a few young men missing but did not realize the sum total why isn't this on the news?

  5. Good question. I guess we're all too busy to connect the dots.

  6. I believe it is far more sinister than the cops are EVER going to cough up. Same thing with the pig farm. They know but ain't saying and they have a gob of lawyers to weigh lay every parents' concerns, just like they did at the Missing Women Inquiry. It is the COPS, just like at the pig farm. Parents of the missing women are CONVINCED that is what happened to THEIR loved ones. They cannot all be WRONG.

    1. Diane Rock claimed she was gang raped on the Pickton farm by bikers and police. It wasn't all cops any more than it was all bikers but it was some of both.


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