Wednesday, May 10, 2017

BC Election Results

The NDP and the Green Party could form the new government. We knew it would be close but this is an interesting twist. CBC is reporting that Christy Clark and her Liberals were "elected in 43 of B.C.'s 87 ridings, compared to 41 for the NDP and three for the Green Party. It takes 44 seats to form a majority in B.C. It is B.C.'s first minority government result since 1952."

It takes 44 seats to form the government and Christy doesn't have it so either the Liberals or the NDP have to team up with the Green party to form a government. This is likely the best possible result we could have hoped for. No one has a majority government and the Green Party has the deciding vote just like Chuck Cadman did when he ran as an independent. Finally the Green party has standing and a powerful voice. This could indeed be the beginning of something new and something posative for BC.

CBC is also reporting that Jagrup Brar, Jinny Sims and Garry Begg upset Liberals in Surrey ridings. That means the slimeball Peter fassbender has fallen. Oh happy day. The first task on the agenda is to fix the BC Hydro fraud and contract in the private power brokers that sell power to the public utilities company at above market rates. That Gordon Campbell fraud has defrauded taxpayers and destroyed the budget for long enough.

Update: Everything is up in the air still because not all the votes have been counted. They still haven't counted the advanced polls and the absentee ballots. That means several seats could still swing the other way so it's not over yet. If the status quo holds, the Green Party could have a veto on the Site C Dam. SNC-Lavalin has got to go.


  1. Given our current political system and parities, a minority government is quite often the best of solutions as they have to make sure they satisfy most others and not just attempt to pass partisan politics - like Trudeau.

    1. Exactly. Now that BC has fixed election dates I'm not sure if that means they can't have a non confidence vote and must wait for the next scheduled election. They should make it so. Minority government are good. We don't need to keep having elections over and over again.

  2. Mansbridge, C.B.C., interviewed Weaver and asked him his priorities. The environment was forth. Don't count on Weaver to do much except make things go well for himself. He never did do much to oppose Christy before, He voted for all her budgets and din't stand up and complain about the 8 dead kids.

    Weaver may not be able to deliver the other 2 votes, so he won't be a "queen/king" maker. The new Green MLA from Cowichan I do believe will have a mind of her own. She spent too many years fight with the B.C. Lieberals regarding all the poison going into Lake Shawnigan.

    Weaver won't insist and Christy won't agree to stopping Site C and ditoo for B.C. Hydro. Too many are making too much money off the IPPs. Those contracts are for anywhere from 20 to 30 years, buying at 10 cents and Hydro selling it at 3 cents. don't expect that to change. remember ms. pay to play raised they say any where from $12 to $20 Million for this election. Those people want their moneies' worth. she'll give "Weaver a deal which will make him feel important and not impact how she runs this province. Weaver is too full of himself to care about the environment or people of this province. He suffers from the PhD syndrome. (I have a PhD. so I'm smarter than you)


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