Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Postmedia Genocide Continues

J-Source is reporting that "The Vancouver Sun and The Province newsroom is much smaller after today. On March 24, a number of staff were handed their layoff notices. Postmedia's intention to layoff 54 staff in Vancouver, where the two newspaper's newsrooms were merged last year, was announced on March 10. On March 23, Harold Munro, the editor-in-chief of the Sun and The Province, sent a note to the newsroom explaining that layoffs would begin the next day."

The article then lists varies twitter posts from numerous reporters who received layoff notices some after working 20 years expressing their concern with the decision.

Even Kim Bolan points out that the layoffs occurred despite profits made from readers and advertisers. That's because when corporate monopolies are concerned profits are never enough. There always needs to be an increase in profits at all costs. Even at the cost of losing any and all unique identity and the risk of turning all the unique news outlets into one homogeneous clone show of each other. Clearly the clone wars have begun.

Mike Hager came up with an interesting observation. He said the massive layoff was a huge opportunity for other news outlets to scoop up great young journalists. Very true, only what other news outlets? With all the Postmedia mergers almost all the news outlets in Western canada are owned by the same entity. Other than myself and the Gangsters out News syndicate the only independent news agencies left here are the Tyhee, the Epoch News and the CBC.

As I said after the Surrey Leader Genocide, all these layoffs create an opportunity for the private market to start a new news agency. Supply and demand. All the qualified journalists could form their own company and create a new online digital newspaper like the White rock Sun and stand independent of the media merger clone show.

This article fro J-Source is two months old. I missed it because it wasn't in the main stream media. I ran across it when researching a recent obscene article the Vancouver Province ran promoting Wally Oppal again. Wally Oppal was a criminal. That's why criminal respected him.

I have nothing against Kevin Griffin. I'm just pointing out that the recent article he wrote promoting such a flaming scoundrel is a sign of the times with regards to all the Postmedia layoffs within the Vancouver Sun and Province. Everyone is afraid of losing their job and will print whatever obscene trash Harold Munro tells them to write.

I was astounded when the Vancouver sun started promoting Wally Oppal to be the head of the Missing Woman inquiry. That was obscene. Wally Oppal was a crappy judge and did an even worse job as Attorney General of BC covering up th flaming flaws in the BC Injustice system. So much so, Vern Penner and the Aldergrove Judicial review board posted a huge sign on a flat deck truck saying recall Wally Oppal.

Wally Oppal's destruction of the missing woman's inquiry was offensive to the victims, the families of the victims and the public who paid his wages expecting justice to be delivered when he did the opposite. As soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned, he shut down the inquiry and turned it into a less adversarial panel discussion where he could more effectively censor what evidence was submitted to the inquiry. After that he was seen giving a member of the Hells Angels a big hug in public.

So now Harold Munro's clone soldiers are once again promoting the same criminal for an new political position. That is obscene. Perhaps Harold Munro should get his pink slip and they should give the job to Wayne Morality who is much more qualified in the eyes of the public. Now that is supply and demand. If the big newspapers fail to deliver objective journalism, it's time for the consumers to g somewhere else. All the money from corporate advertising will not benefit them if none of their readers believe their offensive trash. Harold Munro, take the buy out and disappear.

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