Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dirty ATF Agent kept his job

US Senator Chuck Grassy reported that ATF Agents linked to ‘Fast and Furious’ Still Employed despite Agency Recommendation. The ATF’s Professional Review Board recommended that Special Agent William Newell be terminated from federal service. This Pencil neck prick was the clown on the feild in charge of Operation Fast and Furious. He was the spin doctor sent in to rationalize the ATF's involvement in the CIA Operation that was selling guns to the Mexican cartel and bringing back tons of cocaine into the US as payment. After heads began to roll and scapegoats started to fall, Newell was *reassigned* to ATF Headquarters. (They gave the POS a promotion) Special Agent William Newell wins the Gangsters out Dirtbag of the Year award. Prick.


  1. its sad but true, some times it is very difficult to fire some people, especially if they have information which others might not want to have out and about. In this man's case, it was most likely best to take him out of the field and the only way to do that was to promote him. Welcome to the real world when politicians reach into the federal service in the U.S.A.

    That cocaine was part of a huge drug problem in the U.S.A which went on to be a huge crack problem in the U.S.A. The American government wasn't too concerned because much of the trouble was confined to neighbourhoods which were either economically deprived, black, latino, or had low property values. I do really wonder what the response will be from the ever expanding fent. epidemic in the U.S.A. because some governors have already expressed concern about it being in their "white" areas, in the white rust belt, and if Trumpcare replaces the ACA they are concerned the rehabilitation services available under it won't be available with the new not so improved Trumpcare.

    Wed. evening news was explaining how the strength of fent. can no longer, in many cases, be dealt with by Narcan and that in some cases they need five shots of Narcan. Wonder what all the various levels of government are going to do if Narcan no longer works and more and more people die, including those in the white middle class. oh the how terrible, politicians may actually have to pay attention if their base starts to die from drug over doses.

    1. He's another Oliver North. He was told to do everything he did. As for the fentanyl fraud, the agency is promoting fentanyl to get prescription heroin. The fraud never ends.


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