Sunday, July 30, 2023

Kim Marsh: The Cunning Edge

Here's an interesting book I find timely. It's called Cunning Edge: A 45-Year Journey Conducting Global Undercover Investigations. "Kim Marsh's memoirs highlight the fast pace and high stakes of undercover investigative work. In the fight against cartels, organized crime groups and international operators, Detective Marsh delves into the chaos and mayhem often hidden from the eyes of civil society." Why is this timely? Because it's written by Wild Bill Majcher's co accused.

These two are literal super heroes who have been set up and falsely accused by the intelligence community because they went too far down the rabbit hole and caught the intelligence community cooperating with and controlling organized crime. Gary Webb, Iran Contra, Operation Fast and Furious. It all started with the false allegations about Cameron Ortis.

The allegations from the CIA against Cameron Ortis didn't make sense and when I pointed that out, they changed their story. Instead they tried to imprison him for cooperating with an organized crime figure who was actually a police agent. I kid you not. Cameron Ortis went too far down the rabbit hole. When investigating money laundering tied to organized crime, he found the CIA was at the root of it. So they set him up. Just like Bill Majcher and Kim Marsh.

I noticed on the CSO civil registry that on June 5th 2023 Kenneth Ingram Marsh aka Kim Marsh filed a civil suit with the Vancouver Registry for wrongful dismissal from a Quebec numbered corporation. It didn't take long to discover that secret numbered Quebec corporation was a money laundering investigation firm known as Vidocq Group. They both had the same president or CEO Jonathan Légaré. Their website states that "Founded in 2014 by a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigator specializing in white-collar crime." I find it interesting to note that on Kim Marsh's Linkedin he was listed as vice President of Vidocq from January 2021 to April 2023.

It appears that he was fired over allegations he committed fraud with his tax filings. The lawsuit implies those allegations were false and that he was wrongfully terminated which is well within the realm of believability when you see the scope of the false allegations the intelligence community is compiling on him as well as Wild Bill and Cameron Otris. When you look at the false allegations collectively a sinister intelligence operation is clearly revealed designed to hide the CIA's ties to organized crime and illegal money laundering. At least they didn't kill them and make it look like a suicide again. Welcome to the Wild, Wild West yo.


  1. From an interview with RFK Jr.:

    Robert Kennedy elaborates on how Obama signed an Executive Order that made it legal for the CIA to propagandize the American people with deception and names multiple news organizations with deep ties to intelligence agencies.

    "Today the CIA is the biggest funder of journalism in the world. In 2016, Obama adopted an Executive Order that essentially re-opened the door for Operation Mockingbird so that the CIA began once again to propagandize the American people."

    Now we know why the Left hates a guy you would think they could line up behind. Now you know why Biden has decreed that RFK Jr. will not get Secret Service protection as a declared candidate for President in 2024, as all the others do. There's a lot of folks believe the CIA was behind his fathers assassination as well.
    In other related news, it has been reported that his fathers assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, has been approved for parole, but that California Governor Gavin Newsome has not signed the order yet.

    1. RFK is right. If the CIA controls the media and if the media is f*cked then so is the CIA as is it's agenda. An evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit.


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