Thursday, July 13, 2023

CBC trashes documentary on child traficking

I suppose there are a few more things we should talk about. We all know the CBC is completely worthless. Tara Henley confirmed it but so did Marianne Klowak, who was also an award-winning senior CBC Reporter and journalist. She testified at the National Citizens Inquiry. So those are first hand witnesses from specialists in the field.

Now there's two aspects of this tainted coverage that I want to address. Child trafficking is horrific. We all agree on that. The fact that the fake news doesn't reveals their support for the Q+ MAP agenda. We can argue back and for whether child trafficking is a serous problem in Canada and the US but we can't argue what they are doing in schools here is wrong. Everyone can see that.

I also want to address the QAnon nonsense since CBC brought it up. Here's where it all comes together. Notice that the fake news is driven by the CIA. The CIA's perpetual disinformation campaign supports the World Economic Forum's brand of Communism. They control the MSM.

Notice the CBC's intent of using the term QAnon. They are trying to discredit the new film by falsely associating it with QAnon. The reason is, everyone knows QAnon is crazy and if the CBC can convince people that something is associated with QAnon they can successfully discredit whatever it is they are trying to defame. So here's the double edge sword. The fake news is CIA but so is QAnon. The CIA created QAnon to lead people astray but also to discredit the resistance to the WEF agenda. Just like they send in agent provocateurs to incite violence at a rally to justify shutting down the rally. Now let's talk PizzaGate.

Hilary Clinton without question personifies the rot that has sickened Democratic party as Tulsi Gabard so eloquently declared. There is no question. She was. Bill Clinton was a bit of a wild child like King Charles' brother Randy Andy. Jeffrey Epstein hooked them up with under age prostitutes, but they were not raping babies. That is ridiculous. Satan will tell you nine truths to get you hooked on one lie. The reason why the CIA tries to get you hooked on that lie is so they can discredit you in the mainstream media. They pretend to be on your side but they're not.

The reality of child trafficking in Canada and the US is that many children are kidnapped in other countries and smuggled across the border illegally. That's another reason we need to address illegal immigration which the CBC doesn't want us to do. I'm all for immigration. Diversity makes us strong. Illegal immigration promotes crime and child trafficking. So does SOGI 123.


  1. Because they were all participating in it.

  2. The communist broadcast corporation has lie so many times how can you even take them seriously? Any news media that takes tax payers money and supports double standard politics or goes to bat and defends Justin blackface turdue needs to have there $$ cancelled... When Don cherry being cancelled I lost faith in them that day after watching hockey night in Canada since 1980

  3. Communist Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) excellent!
    Yeah, defund, cancel, delete CBC, I’d vote for the party for that reason alone.
    Added to their yellow journalism is the recent ludicrous reference of Pierre and Smith posing for a picture with the guy wearing the “straight pride” t-shirt and the sorry Jan Arden comment supporting the Toronto Star/CBC. I like Rex Murphys commentary pushback on this mainstream media’s ridiculous narrative. While Smith kinda pushed back by stating she doesn’t read every t-shirt it would be nice if they just called a spade a spade and state the activist/media are making mountains out of mole hills. Just denounce their ridiculousness and quit insulting Canadians!


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