Saturday, July 1, 2023

Pierre Barnes from Exposing SOGI 123

At today's Canada Day event in Maple Ridge I also met Pierre Barnes from Rebel News interviewed him last September. On his website he has posted some books from the SOGI curriculum which are completely inappropriate. It's important that parents see what kind of curriculum their young children are being taught in school.

He also talks about conversion therapy where minors can get puberty blockers or sex change surgery without their parents consent in BC. That is child grooming and that is what David Eby supports. He also has a list of teacher misconduct cases posted.

Interesting to note that Justin Trudeau hasn't been added to that list yet even though his inappropriate relationship with a student was when she was younger than 17 according to her father. I guess that's what a seven figure NDO buys you.

One of the cases he mentions on his website is regarding Benjamin Levin who was once Ontario's deputy minister of education. He was convicted of various child porn offenses and was the author of their sexual education curriculum for children. Things that make ya go hmmm...

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  1. A hundred years ago this problem would already have found a
    solution. "Sometimes the old ways are the best".


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