Thursday, July 20, 2023

Prosecutors drop case against man accused in Nanaimo homeless camp shooting

CTV is reporting that "The British Columbia Prosecution Service has dropped its case against a 37-year-old man who was accused of shooting a man who was trying to retrieve suspected stolen property from a homeless camp in Nanaimo earlier this year." AYFKM? God Damn you.


  1. While I'm unclear from the CTV report (as the Crown seems to be, and in fact states) as to the sequence of events, I'll admit to being surprised at the utter lack of any gun charges at all. One might think "unsafe storage" at the very least. Interesting that they now seem to believe it can be justifiable that a person uses a firearm in self defense, because THAT is a big change from the Crown's attitude in years past, I know of only one other case where they declined to prosecute such in BC. Perhaps they are fearful of the outcome of a jury trial. People are fed up, they might not get the result they wanted, and then it becomes "precedent".

  2. Not only did they drop the charges they are trying to charge the shooting victim


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