Monday, July 10, 2023

Supreme Court restrains Biden from censoring social media

The HART Grpup is reporitng that "the decision of the District Judge Terry Doughty (in the Missouri v Biden case) has now been published, and is a huge blow to the US government and its attempts to censor information available to the American public."

"Essentially, the government (including all the names agencies and individuals) are now barred by court order from continuing the activities by which they controlled information dissemination via social media to present their highly distorted version of the truth to American people and, by extension, the wider world. The judge’s full reasoning can be found in his ruling here. It runs to 155 pages, but is well worth investing some time reading, as it contains some gems which (hopefully) will be repeated many times in future cases or legal textbooks."

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  1. And that is why the United States has a better government system than we do. They had experienced the British government and set out to improve upon it not have them be a government figurehead.


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