Saturday, August 27, 2011

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit

After I checked out the Haney Hells Angels clubhouse I went over to soak up the sun at Pitt Lake. Low and behold there were two police boats on site filled with RCMP and some representatives from the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit. I didn't know we had one. Seemingly they are a branch of the CFSEU - Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. Now that's what I'm talking about. This is one unit well worth funding.

Word on the street is that some gang members were having a party on the lake recently. That must be why the police were making their presence known. The more public the gangs are the more it attracts the police like a magnet. Maybe they were looking for Larry Amero's boat. With all those huge boats on the lake, some of them have got to be drug dealers. I prefer paddling up Widgeon creek and hiking up to the falls myself.


  1. Who are these three piece patch wearing hells angels drug dealing puppet club in ladysmith BC called the "veterans MC" , looking behaving like HA wannabes.they have there so called club house less than 100 ft from a elementary school in ladysmith and rumors have them selling crack in the sportsman hotel and using local dumb crack addict women to sell the junk , they don't appear to be very bright and the local are watching real closely, there not from ladysmith

  2. Hells Angels selling crack in Ladysmith. Go Figure. Prince George. Dawson Creek. Now Ladysmith. The Hells Angels crack plague is spreading like a virus.

  3. Veteran's MC huh? I'll bet none of them are. Why Ladysmith? Well, other than the elementary school, there's a few private schools in the immediate area. More "selling dope to schoolkids" I guess...

    These people need to be rounded up and shot.


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