Monday, August 15, 2011

Rob Shannon's Boat

Hey, remember Rob Shannon's Boat? Well someone noticed a boat just like it for sale at the action in Scottsdale Arizona.

They even have a truck just like his to pull it with.

How can some hillbilly ride around in a truck and a boat like that and not know it was from the proceeds of crime? Looks like dear old dad was an accessory to the crime(s).

I wonder if that's the same truck and boat and they seized his ASSet.


  1. BC Plate 5612KA

    Gotta love the new Google Image search

  2. Cool but the Arizona one was a dual rear axle. Did he get that done after the fact? The dual rear axle looks dumb.

  3. Those shots are the same truck sold at auction which you linked (same plate). More shots here by the owner:

    2007 F350 dual axle

  4. Same guy out of Langley appears to own a green 2000 single axle, is this what you are referring to?

    The 2000 single axle

    The big rig

    Some better shots of the dual axle he sold at Barrett Jackson

  5. So the single axel is owned by the same guy as the dual axel or it’s the same truck just done up? “bagged dually.” That rig isn’t the one that was part of the “transport company” was it?

  6. Not the same truck as 2000 Chevy <> 2007 F350

    Same user appears to own all three. (past tense now)

  7. I saw this cigar boat on Mara lake today. On the Shuswap


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