Friday, August 19, 2011

Fugitive Hells Angel arrested in Montreal

A routine traffic violation led Montreal police to a fugitive Hells Angels member wanted for drug trafficking and murder. Francois Hinse, 42, has been on the lam for more than two years after he was named in a major police roundup that targeted alleged leaders of the illicit biker gang organization.

Trois Riviere is another amazing place plagued with low life criminals. Not long ago Marvin put your shirt back on Ouimet was arrested after being on the Lam. He was wanted in connection with 22 murders and also faces several charges related to his financial activities, including fraud, extortion, and money laundering.

David Wolf Caroll is still hiding. He was a Quebec Nomad and is referred to as the godfather of the Halifax chapter. That's where David Giles is from. Mike McCrea was the reputed president of the Halifax chapter, world secretary and international webmaster.

In 2004, police said that Mike Christiansen had transferred to the East End Hells Angels chapter in B.C. where his former 13th Tribe brother, David Giles, was a member. But the Kelowna Daily Courier reported in June 2007 that Mr. Christiansen was one of the founding members of a new chapter in Kelowna. So if Giles and Christiansen were from the Halifax chapter and came out to Vancovuer then Kelowna with the Hells Angels, where is their friend David Wolf Caroll hiding? Why on earth would they call the "new" strategic alliance the Wolf Pack? Please advise.

Speaking of Quebec and Trios Rivierre, why does David Giles brag about his affiliation with the Trois Rivierre chapter after they have been charged with so many murders, extortion drug trafficking? Better yet, if David Giles brags about those criminal affiliations, why on earth are the wives of two prominent Kelowna businessmen giving him a body rub? Supporting gang violence is nothing to laugh about.

Speaking of the Rusty Vibrator, who on earth is that young girl he has been seen with? She looks like his great granddaughter. That just screams pedophilia. That's worse than Bruce Carson's young escort.


  1. "Why on earth are the wives of two prominent Kelowna businessmen giving him a body rub?"

    Because they're stupid. The sheep appease the wolf (no pun intended) in the hope that it will eat them last....

  2. Who are the two women in the photo with Giles?

    I want to make sure I steer clear of them and their husbands? They do look familiar.

  3. I can’t remember their names off hand. A reliable source told me they are wives of prominent locals. I don’t want to focus on them, I rather focus on Giles. Isn’t Giles married? Someone else claims he has this really young girlfriend that looks like she could be his great gand daughter. It’s pretty gross. Sheep playing with the wolf. Good analogy.

  4. You guys suck at being detectives; you're still at pamper stage. Stop flirting and concentrate on your prey; he eats well, likes the outdoors, and has a wee crave for good looking ladies. Bref, y vous a donnez assez de "cookies" pour le renifler à même sa terrière. Porter vos couches avant vos fesses lâchent prises; il n'a rien perdre... Vous si! Est-ce que votre vie en vaut la peine? N'oubliez pas, c'est un loup qui n'a pas peur et qui voudra rester libre. You myst be the squirrel to find his chestnut.


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