Monday, August 1, 2011

Stop the Insanity

The news of Vancouver handing out free crack pipes really has me riled. Harm reduction without the other three pillars is a one legged horse that goes nowhere. I mentioned the fact that Vancouver is handing out free crack pipes at work and one person asked why. They said they could understand why they have needle exchanges since people can get aids from a dirty needle but they couldn't understand why we would hand out free crack pipes.

Maybe it's because someone could get a cold from sharing a crack pipe. No doubt there are some diseases other than aids that crack users could get from sharing a dirty crack pipe yet the whole program is totally insane. Some doctor in a conflict of interest says it's a medical issue and that somehow overrides the democratic laws regarding illicit drugs. No it's not.

Giving an alcoholic alcohol is not in their best interest. Giving Amy Winehouse free crack pipes would not have been in her best interest. Compassion for the addict means we help them. It doesn't mean we hand out free guns to commit suicide with and then deny responsibility for murder because we didn't give them the bullets.

Judicial system

There are elements of our judicial system that need to change. Minimum sentences for violent crime like murder and drive by shootings involving innocent bystanders. Prolific offenders is another. There's an Aldergrove judicial lobbyist group that started over the issue of property crime. Crack addicts would steal from them and the more offenses they committed, the less time they swerved in jail. They printed up t-shirts that said "Revolving door makes judges accomplices."

The VPD put out a video talking about the problem of prolific offenders. A small number of prolific offenders committing a large percentage of crime with absolutely no consequences whatsoever. Most of these prolific offenders were stealing to support their addiction.

Locking a prolific offender who steals to support his addiction up in jail for three months is not excessive. It is in their best interest. I'm not saying we should arrest every crack addict for being an addict. I'm saying we should give a prolific offender who steals to support their addiction three months in jail away from the drug. We shouldn't be giving them free crack in jail. Some of these enabling programs are insane and humiliating. They are humiliating because they mean well but they are counter productive and are not compassionate at all.

Enforcement is one of the four pillars. Locking a crack addict in jail for three months who was caught selling crack is not excessive. It is a goal within reach. Arresting crack dealers for selling crack in public is the New York Model. It has proven effective.

The Hells angels are the ones profit ting from all this misery. It's time I start another web page that keeps track of all the drug convictions the Hells angels have been involved in. Collecting that jurisprudence so that the Hells angels as an organization get charged for hiring a murder of for selling crack is more effecting that locking their mules away in jail. All the happens is they find another mule while they are untouched by the law and continue to profit from murder and misery.


  1. "The Hells Angels are the ones profiting from all this misery. It's time I start another web page that keeps track of all the drug convictions the Hells Angels have been involved in."

    That's a great idea. Counter some of this "We're just a motorcycle club" bullshit. I suggest:


    Anything with the full phrase "Hells Angels" in it, to maximize search engine hit's. List by country, ie. Hells Angels Canada, Hells Angels USA, etc. List full criminal record for each member/associate if available, also incidents they have been involved in. Show the people who are in denial what they are really dealing with.

    These parasites (I won't dignify them by calling them predators, predators kill what they need, parasites suck every bit they can out of their victim) need to be dealt with EFFECTIVELY. But society doesn't have the balls; if they did, they'd all be rounded up, put on a boat, towed out a ways and sunk. Round up every last drug dealing gangster we can find. We actually have folks already on the payroll who can not only do this, but would mostly be happy to do so. They're called the Police.

    There is nothing morally reprehensible about this, when you are attacked you have to do what will actually solve the problem to protect yourself. People are so soft-headed these days, when I suggest such things they actually make comparisons to Hitler rounding up the Jews. Seriously. Man, if the average Jew was as violent as HA's are, Adolf would never have made it out of that beer hall alive.

    You have to do what works. Continuing to do the same ineffective things over and over again, which have NEVER worked, hoping that at some point they will miraculously provide different results, is just stupid. For the government to force you to fork over millions of dollars of taxes every year in protection money and then not provide services that do so is criminal. Therefore it is possible to demonstrate mathematically that (Stupid + Criminal) = Government, at least on the subject of organized crime. This puts the Hells Angels one step ahead of the government, 'cause they're not stupid, just criminal.

  2. That’s a good idea about the domain name. I agree they are parasites not predators. They are greedy gluttons who live off of others. “Continuing to do the same ineffective things over and over again, which have NEVER worked, hoping that at some point they will miraculously provide different results, is just stupid.” Very true. I’d say handing out free crack pipes then thinking that’s going to somehow reduce the number of addicts is stupid. Harm reduction in East Van hasn’t worked. It’s time we tried something else.

  3. Will do. Things here are pretty intense because of all the misery associated with the gang war fighting over drug profits. It’s all about greed and exploitation. It’s nice to get away from it all and go hiking in nature sometimes.


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