Sunday, July 31, 2011

More free crack pipes for Vancouver

This shows how f*cked up our country is. We're going to cut funding for the RCMP and the Gang task force, raise taxes through the HST to pay for more prisons for nonviolent crimes like the possession of pot while we hand out free crack pipes at the taxpayers expense. Need I say more? This is so wrong.

Nanaimo got rid of the program but the special interest lobbyists brought it back. No wonder the police are frustrated. The law biding citizens are frustrated too because the politicians simply are not listening. The public sale of crack fuels the gang war and the violence associated with it. Handing out free crack pipes supports drug dealers pushing addicts out of windows in East Van for drug debts.

Enforcement, prevention and treatment are three other pillars the special interest spoilt brats completely ignore. They just scream harm reduction over and over again until we become complete enablers and our economy and tax revenue is sucked dry. Brilliant.


  1. safer drug use equipment protects us all, whether you use drugs or not - learn your facts before you report on a subject - otherwise you show your ignorance

  2. That is ridiculous and is a prime example of how a minority of extremist can control a majority of good people with absurdity. Handing out free crack pipes is in no one's best interest except organized crime.


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